The nature of selling hasn’t changed, just the medium. You don’t need to design and physically put together a beautiful storefront to grab potential shoppers’ attention as they walk by: you need to design a beautiful landing page to capture their attention. Your landing page and homepage are your new store front. And you’re competing with over three million eCommerce stores operating worldwide. That’s intimidating. There are hundreds of thousands competing for your target audience’s attention. Your landing page design and functionality are paramount to your success against them.

Here is how to create a better converting landing page for e-Commerce:

Talk about benefits rather than features in the main title.

When users get to a landing page, you have just as much time to grab their attention as it takes for them to walk past a storefront, literally. If you do not grab their attention and push them to further action in less than 10 seconds, they are likely to bounce and never come back. Instead of talking about your awesome features or what your product is start right away with the benefit the customer gets or what problem you solve. Do this in one short sentence and keep it at the top. They are much more likely to scroll down and be interested in the rest if they know you are a solution to a real problem they have. In this example from Transferwise they immediately let you know they can help you avoid bank fees and save money on international transfers.

better converting landing page by talking about benefits

Capture the attention of more specific customer segments.

Once you’ve established your core value for customers, you can target more specific customer segments. Sometimes if your products and services are too broad, it’s hard to see how what you’re fits into their needs. Narrow it down with more focused copy and content. For example, SurveyMonkey narrows down individual use and business use. Narrow down who your target audience is by industry, if applicable, and speak directly to them on your landing page so they know your product is a good solution specifically for them.

better converting landing page with specific customer segments

Make clear calls to action and incentivize them.

Small changes in how you design and present your calls to action (CTA) can have a huge impact on your e-Commerce sales. Everything from the copy on your shopp page introducing your CTAs to the color of the button can make a difference in whether or not people take that next step. Though the way your CTAs appear in context of your page may vary depending on design, there are some rules of thumb to keep in mind for more effective CTAs. Your buttons should contrast what is around them. Use a different color from the surround features on your page and set your CTA button apart in alignment or spacing. It seems simple, but it works. Use text that is descriptive and compelling in your CTAs whether they are text links or buttons. “Click here” is not descriptive or compelling. Use phrases that tell people what the value is of the action like “Join us for free now”. If you can, include a time incentive like “Join us now for a 10% discount” to inspire action. Additionally, don’t assume that people will see the value in taking a desired action; give them an incentive. Even a small reward can significantly increase conversions. Offer discounts and extra value in exchange for an immediate purchase or even something as simple as an email so you can retarget them later.

better converting landing page with clear calls to action

A/B test different elements to create a high converting page.

Tools like VWO can help you A/B test different elements on your landing page at the same time to determine what is converting the best. It saves a ton of time and money in trying to determine on your own what you need to change. You can figure out what is working and what is not in twice the amount of time be running test of different elements simultaneously. You can A/B test what products you display, what button colors you use for checkout, CTA text, what copy and content you display, and even what colors and graphics you use on shop pages, etc. A/B testing helps you figure out what little changes you need to make to create the perfect e-Commerce shop.

better converting landing page with A/B testing

Personalize customer experience.

Increasing personalization where you interact with potential customers can help increase spending by 500%. That’s a huge potential boost in sales to miss out on if you are not putting any effort towards making your landing pages more personalized and relevant to who is landing there. There are limited ways to do this if these are new potential customers coming to your site but you can segment the content they see to match their interests. Using Beamer, you can create a stream of offers, updates, deals, products, etc. tailored to each user based on their location, language, and past behavior on your site if they have visited before. It’s an easy way to further engage and personalized your landing page. The best part is Beamer integrates right into your site interface so you never have to change the landing page, just the Beamer updates you want to.

better converting landing page by personalizing customer experience

Offer helpful information and more to explore.

There should always be a plan B for your e-Commerce landing page if your potential customer doesn’t bite and make a purchase. In fact, 92% of people who come to your site for the first time are not there to make a purchase and will not. They are trying to figure your brand and products out. You want to keep them engaged and get a way to retarget them in the future to push them to the point of purchase down the line. Qualify your brand as authoritative by providing helpful and interesting content for users. Use Beamer to present them with other products, content, updates, and more to explore in one feed right within your landing page. Add CTAs to get them clicking through your site. Additionally, always push for a way to collect information so you can retarget and convert later on. Try OptinMonster to add well-timed exit popups to your landing pages to catch those potential shoppers!

better converting landing page with helpful content for users

Making slight changes like these to your landing page can result in many more conversions in the long run for minimal effort. Think of every page on your site like a landing page and boost engagement and conversions by adding a Beamer feed to your site for free today.