SaaS is an interesting concept that lies perfectly between selling a product and a service; it plays the role of both. You have a product that you are continually improving and adding to but also it plays an ongoing role in the processes individuals or businesses use everyday. Selling that all in a few seconds online is difficult. 55% of visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on your landing page.

If you create a landing page that speaks correctly to your target audience and shows them exactly how your product works into their processes to help them, you can sell and grow profits exponentially with minimal effort.

Here are some tried and tested tips for making a highly converting SaaS landing page:

Communicate your value in one introductory header sentence.

Again, you have less than 15 seconds to communicate your value to whoever lands on your page. A lot of website want to put something vague, cool, and creative at the top like a mission statement but this doesn’t help you convert. If visitors have to spend time trying to figure out exactly what you do, they won’t and they will move on. Stick to one short sentence about what your product does and why it’s necessary for them and move on to the details down the page. Users visiting your site should see a value for them personally within seconds of landing on your page.  

Unbounce narrows it down to a few sentences:

better converting landing page by communicating value

Appeal to your target audiences more specifically.

Once you’ve communicated your value to visitors, you can speak to your target audiences more directly. Oftentimes, different users in different roles may not immediately see how your product can be used to improve their work specifically. Answer their questions ahead of time and have content and copy focused on specific groups you are selling to readily available. An example from us is our Beamer for ___ guides. We have guides ready for specific industries that Beamer is a great fit for to show users how they can implement Beamer. This way, those specific customers have answers to the questions they have and have a great idea of how your product can make their life easier. It’s an easy way to improve the chances of a conversion.

PayPal gets perfectly specific on their homepage:

better converting landing page by appealing target audiences

Don’t overshare your features, highlight the most immediately valuable.

It can be tempting to want to tell users about all the different things your product does and all the cool little features. This can get confusing and overwhelming and leave them questioning “but what does it really do?”. You’ve probably experienced this on a SaaS landing page before. Again, don’t stray from the boiled-down, core value of your product for the user. Pick a handful of the most relevant and immediately useful features to talk about on your landing page. Represent them visually with graphics that grab attention and help potential users get the gist of what you’re talking about.

This example from Zendesk, though they have multiple products, is incredibly simple and even includes an actionable CTA:

better converting landing page by highlighting the most valuable

In your signup forms include ‘free’ and only ask for email.

It’s easy to create CTAs that get lost in the overall look of your page. It may be obvious to you as to where they should be clicking and looking for further instruction but not to someone who is brand new to your page and product. A lot of the success of CTA buttons has to do with the way our brains work and what makes us subconsciously attracted to taking action. You should use these tips to your advantage. Make CTAs visually stand out by using contrasting colors and open space apart from the rest of the features on your page. When using text on your CTAs make sure that they spell out the value and next actions the user is going to take. For example, instead of “Click Here”, the button should say “Sign up for a free ___ now”. The more direct and actionable the text, the more engaging it is. Try to also incentivize CTA buttons by adding a time constraint (“Limited time only”) or offering something free as a result.

This example from Hubspot offers a free kit and qualifies with the number of downloads:

better converting landing page in signup forms

Display social proof.

92% of customers trust recommendations from individuals rather than marketing messages from companies and 88% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. It can make a huge difference in conversion to add a little social proof on your landing page. A couple of ways you can do this is by adding top customer testimonials to your landing page like this example from Unbounce:

better converting landing page by displaying social proof

You can also qualify your brand by displaying other clients and key metrics like this example from Hubspot:

better converting landing page by displaying social proof

Or you could go a step further and launch real-time social proof notifications on your page using a software like Proof.

A/B test to determine what works the best.

Use tools like Optimizely to A/B test different elements on your landing page and determine what is helping you convert the most. It saves a ton of time and money in trying to determine on your own what you need to change after a while. You can A/B test button colors, CTAs, copy, graphics, etc. A/B testing helps you inch closer and closer by making little changes towards the perfect high-converting landing page.

better converting landing page with A/B test

Show how your product is continually improving.

Entice users to get on board with your product or service now by showing how your product is continually improving. Use Beamer to update users, new and returning, about the changes and improvements happening with your product. Beamer is an in-app and in-site newsfeed where you can create interactive updates for just about anything. You can add photos, GIFs, and videos to your Beamer updates to make the more engaging than just a changelog. You can add CTAs to your updates to direct users to your changes so they can explore them right away. Users can leave comments and reactions just like a Facebook feed so you and your team can get immediate feedback. You can set up push notifications and use the Zapier integration to send your updates to social pages, email management tools and users who have opted in to push notifications to bring users back even after they’ve left your landing page.


Your landing pages are your 15 second pitch to a potential user. If you engage them right away with these tips and tricks, you can make 15 seconds turn into recurring monthly revenue. Try Beamer for free today and engage users and potential users 10x more.