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How to successfully introduce product changes

Mariano Rodríguez
Mar 20, 2018

User engagement is the key to any successful product. And one of the best ways to keep users engaged is to introduce value adding product changes that keep your app or service on the cutting edge and show commitment.

However, there is a double-edge sword with your product’s first users. On one hand, they are your greatest marketing asset. If they are happy with your product, they are the best way to reach other potential users just like them for no cost to you. Their opinion, if positive, is the best marketing strategy. On the other hand, they are going to see the changes you make to your product and love it or hate it. Changes they don’t understand or like can drive them away quickly. Keeping initial user engagement is key to long term growth and organic marketing.

Successfully introducing product changes to your users for higher user engagement should be a priority as you grow your product.

Encourage feedback to product changes:

Your users are a great source of data that can help you make educated decisions as you move forward with your product development. Gathering their opinion on the product changes you are making is a simple source of data that doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to collect. Surveys take a lot of time and are often out of the user’s way. If you make it easier for your users to express their opinion, they are more likely to give it to you.

Using Beamer, you can announce product changes from right within your app and then give users the option to simply share their reaction to your announcement with a smiley face rating similar to Facebook. It’s intuitive so users don’t have to go out of their way to express their opinion and you get an instant and clear view of their reaction. They can also add a quick comment to give more specific feedback. And you easily analyze overall results to determine the success of a new feature or update.

ask for feedback for new product changes

Use visual elements to make understanding product changes easy:

Words don’t do enough when you’re making changes within an interface that is entirely visual. It’s hard to imagine without seeing it in action. Your product change updates to your users should have a visual element to better explain what’s new. Users will be more compelled to try out your new feature if you literally show them! Beamer allows you to announce product changes and new features with photos, videos, and GIFs. We use CloudApp to display new functionalities and then easily paste them into our Beamer update for our users to check out. We get much more engagement when we include a visual element.  

use videos and images to announce product changes

Make it easy for users to try out new features and updates:

Emails and messages don’t work to increase user engagement when announcing product changes because users are unlikely to go back to the product just to see what you’ve changed. Having a quick transition from new feature of update announcement to product is best for making sure users get to interacting with changes right away, increasing engagement. Beamer is a way to make those product change announcements from right within the interface so users can use the new feature or see the update right away. Users can close out the Beamer update and be right within your product. They are much more likely to interact and be excited about changes if they can see them immediately. Companies using Beamer to announce product changes have seen ten times more engagement from users.

testing new product changes

Balance feature removals with new exciting features:

As your product grows and develops, your team may find that there are some things that, for one reason or another will have to go. Sometimes shifts in features, especially removals, can cause havoc among users as Snapchat has frequently experienced with their abrupt removal of public “best friends”. Avoid the same and announce feature removals with new features or updates. This way, users will have an improvement to look forward to rather than lamenting on a major change that could be perceived as negative if some users grew attached to a certain interface feature.

Making changes and updates seem as convenient and easy to understand as possible is key for getting your users to continue to engage with your product and stay on board while you continue to make improvements. For a really easy, no-code tool to announce product changes in a way that increases user engagement, try out Beamer.