Beamer Copilot: Your AI Assistant for Product Marketing.

beta Elevate your Product Marketing with a little help from artificial intelligence friend.

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Discover the AI future of
Product Marketing

Beamer Copilot is an AI-powered assistant designed to help product marketers excel in their roles. Say goodbye to writer's block and miscommunication, and embrace seamless collaboration, actionable insights, and faster product development. This is the future of artificial intelligence.

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history_edu AI-Powered Ghostwriting

Craft compelling and engaging announcements with the Beamer Copilot AI

Our advanced artificial intelligence technology serves as your personal ghostwriter helping you create clear, concise, and attention-grabbing updates. Let your AI copilot handle the words, while you focus on what matters most: building and improving your product.

assistant User Feedback AI Insights

Beamer Copilot helps you turn user feedback into actionable insights

Beamer Copilot helps you turn user feedback into actionable insights. Our AI analyzes and organizes your users' comments and suggestions, allowing you to quickly identify areas for improvement and accelerate your product development process. Understand your users better and make data-driven decisions with artificial intelligence.

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not_listed_location AI Feature Request Rewriting

Take the guesswork out of deciphering feature requests

Beamer Copilot's AI-powered rewriting capabilities transform ambiguous or unclear requests into clear, actionable items. Prioritize and implement features effectively and make sure your team is always on the same page.

translate Automated Announcement Translations

Expand your reach and communicate effectively with your global user base

The Beamer Copilot AI automatically translates your announcements into multiple languages, ensuring that your updates are accessible to users around the world. Save time, resources, and avoid miscommunication with international audiences using artificial intelligence.

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AI automation animation
smart_toy Time Management and Efficiency

Let AI automate tasks to maximize productivity, efficiency, and spend your time on what matters most

By using artificial intelligence to automate various tasks such as writing announcements, translating content, and organizing feedback, The Beamer Copilot AI saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on higher-level strategic decisions.

monitor_heart AI Sentiment Analysis

Measure overall user satisfaction with AI-powered sentiment analysis

The Beamer Copilot AI goes beyond organizing user feedback; it also provides sentiment analysis to help you gauge overall customer satisfaction. Gain a deeper understanding of your users' feelings towards your product and make informed decisions to drive positive customer experiences.

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Trend representation
timeline AI Trend Identification

Stay ahead of the curve with AI-powered trend identification

The AI assistant analyzes market trends, user preferences, and competitor strategies to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations, helping you stay competitive and innovative in your product development.

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