Communicate with users

Looking for a better way to communicate with your users? Send instant announcements with images and videos with this newsfeed.

Send real time announcements for company news and updates

Use Beamer to effortlessly send announcements for new features, your latest releases and relevant news. Get more interactions and over 10x more user engagement.

Use images, videos and gifs for more engaging announcements

With Beamer you can create more visual and engaging announcements to get more interactions. Visual announcements get 10x more engagement than plain text.

Announce new features and improvements

Announce new features to users in no time. Keep a permanent record of improvements so users can follow along with your product’s progress and feel more engaged. Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed.

Use feedback and reactions to measure user satisfaction

Users can leave comments and smiley face reactions so you can get real user feedback immediately after your latest update. Respond directly to address feedback and increase user satisfaction.

Web push notifications to communicate with offline users

Send notifications to communicate with your users and visitors, even when they are not currently on your site or logged in. Bring back inactive users and reduce churn.

More effective communication than email

Users get your communication in context and are more likely to engage with your product or site than with email. Beamer integrates directly into your interface. Don’t worry about getting lost in the spam folder again.

Keep your users in the know.