Design customization for your newsfeed.

Improve brand recognition with a fully customizable newsfeed and announcement platform

How does it work?

Change color and design to match your site

Customize color and design to fit perfectly with your site or app. Add Beamer to your navigation menu, change icon type and color and much more.

Call to action as a button or menu item

You can add Beamer to your site as a menu item or button. Your newsfeed will sit seamlessly in your site or app and help you convert more customers.

Show as a sidebar or pop-up

Your latest news, special offers, and updates can be shown as a sidebar that opens on the right hand side of the page or a pop-up. Choose the best fit for your site.

Standalone announcement page with all posts

Show all your most important updates on a separate page. Customize the look and feel and let users search through all your latest announcements.

Custom domain for even better brand recognition

Create a custom domain for your standalone page. Make any content you share more visible and increase your brand recognition with your users.

Embeddable panel

Embed Beamer anywhere you want in your site or app. Have your latest announcements always be visible in exactly the right place to increase your user engagement.

Get better results with Beamer


Improve user engagement

Triple engagement by keeping users updated on your latest news


Convert more customers

Increase conversion rate by 62% when leads interact with your updates


Get more clicks and views

Get twice as many clicks as email by sending push notifications

"Beamer’s changelog lets our customers know what’s new without interrupting them and lets us see how people feel about our new features in real-time"
Daniel Harris, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Cody Bernard
Beamer lets our users know what's coming by sending targeted, in-app communications so we can hit the right customers with the right message.
Cody Bernard Product Marketing Manager Drift
Jonathan Nolan
Beamer has increased awareness of our new features by an order of magnitude, enabling customers to get more value from the features we build.
Jonathan Nolan VP of Engineering and Product LaunchDarkly
Keep your users in the know.