Get real-time user feedback and reactions

Want to know what your users and visitors really think about your site? Collect their immediate feedback and reactions to your new features, updates and offers using Beamer.

How does it work?

Get quick user reactions with a smiley face rating scale

Use Beamer as a barometer of your users’ satisfaction. Let your users and visitors react spontaneously to announcements using a simple smiley face rating scale.

Collect detailed user feedback with comments

Users can leave open ended comments on your updates so you can see what users are really thinking. Users are more likely to give feedback right after they read your announcement.

Respond to user feedback

Respond directly to user comments. Visitors can leave an email contact and users will already have their email registered.  Make users feel their voice is heard and increase engagement.

See what users really think of your announcements

Users can easily and intuitively react to any announcement you send. Use Beamer analytics to measure the overall response to your updates. Stop guessing what your users want!

Improve your product based on real user feedback

User feedback is the best source of ideas to improve your site and product. Increase user satisfaction by showing them you value their input and increase your sales.

Our clients love what Beamer does for them

"Both our customers and internal-teams love the real-time product updates—it’s a win win."
Adam Feber Adam Feber Director of Product Marketing Chargify
"Beamer has become a key element in our go-to-market strategy for new features releases."
Benny Waelput Benny Waelput Product Marketing Manager Teamleader
"Beamer interactions have increased our conversion rate by 280% in just one month."
Sally Buberman Sally Buberman Co-founder & CEO Wormhole
Keep your users in the know.