Integrate all your favorite tools with Beamer.

Want to integrate all your most used tools with Beamer? Check out this list of our favorite Beamer integrations to increase your user engagement.

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How does it work?

feature image for Zapier integration

Zapier integration

Use our Zapier integration to connect your feed with more than a thousand third-party apps and services!

feature image for Wordpress integration

Wordpress integration

Install an integrated newsfeed directly into the interface of your WordPress site with the Beamer WordPress plugin. Use it to update users on absolutely anything and get 10x more engagement.


feature image for Facebook integration

Facebook integration

Use our Facebook integration to automatically share new Beamer posts on your Facebook page. Announce updates, new features and special offers and bring users back to your site to increase sales.

feature image for Twitter integration

Twitter integration

Synchronize all your announcements and latest news to have them accessible both on Beamer and on your Twitter account. Don’t let all your hard work go unnoticed.

feature image for LinkedIn integration

LinkedIn integration

Use our LinkedIn integration to announce your new features, company news and improvements directly from your latest Beamer posts on your company’s LinkedIn page.

feature image for Mailchimp integration

Mailchimp integration

The Mailchimp automation allows you to post Beamer updates and simultaneously send it to your email lists. Automate your communication and make life easier!

feature image for ActiveCampaign integration

ActiveCampaign integration

Use the ActiveCampaign integration as an integral part of your marketing campaign to successfully reach your audience for your announcements. Save time and don’t duplicate work unnecessarily.

feature image for Intercom integration

Intercom integration

Send feedback and announcements from your Beamer account directly to your Intercom messenger widget. Save time and increase your user engagement.

feature image for Drift integration

Drift integration

Integrate your Beamer account with Drift to send feedback and announcements automatically. Keep your users in the know!

feature image for Buffer integration

Buffer integration

Send your posts and announcements to your Buffer queue and share them on all your connected social media accounts. All customers are updated everywhere!

feature image for Integration with Integrately

Integration with Integrately

Connect Beamer with Integrately to get access to more than 250,000 fully ready integrations, and activate them in just 1 click!

feature image for Integration with Pabbly

Integration with Pabbly

Integrate Beamer with Pabbly to get access to business critical applications like form creation, email marketing, billing, automations and much more!

feature image for Integration with Cloudflare

Integration with Cloudflare

Stay always up and get to the next level of infrastructure and security with Beamer’s Cloudflare integration.

feature image for Integration with Intgromat

Integration with Intgromat

Integrate Beamer with Integromat to automate workflows and move data between apps without effort in a few clicks.

feature image for Integration with SyncSpider

Integration with SyncSpider

Integrate Beamer with SyncSpider to connect your eCommerce tools together, automate multichannel sales and keep your inventory in sync.

Use our Zapier integration to connect your feed with more than a thousand third-party apps and services!

Get better results with Beamer

user engagement 3x

Improve user engagement

Triple engagement by keeping users updated on your latest news

customers conversionion 62%

Convert more customers

Increase conversion rate by 62% when leads interact with your updates

more clicks and views 200%

Get more clicks and views

Get twice as many clicks as email by sending push notifications

Daniel Harris
Beamer’s changelog lets our customers know what’s new without interrupting them and lets us see how people feel about our new features in real-time
Daniel Harris Sr. Product Marketing Manager Intercom logo Intercom
Cody Bernard
Beamer lets our users know what's coming by sending targeted, in-app communications so we can hit the right customers with the right message.
Cody Bernard Product Marketing ManagerDrift
Jonathan Nolan
Beamer has increased awareness of our new features by an order of magnitude, enabling customers to get more value from the features we build.
Jonathan Nolan VP of Engineering and ProductLaunchDarkly
Keep your users in the know.