Improve user engagement with a powerful newsfeed

Are you looking for a better way to keep your users updated? Beamer’s newsfeed plugin lets you send users announcements for latest news, offers and improvements

How does it work?

Target your prospects and customers even more effectively

Connect with customers by notifying them about your relevant news, latest features and special offers. Segment notifications and send relevant updates on your newsfeed.

Make your content more engaging

Use videos, images and gifs to make posts more visual and engaging. This helps users learn new features and changes up to 3x faster.

Improve your product or service with customer feedback

Collect input from your users directly after releasing a new feature. Send replies to customers’ comments to show them you are actively listening to their opinion.

Easy installation, no code required

Within few minutes without coding knowledge, Beamer can be installed on your website or app. Just embed Beamer’s script on your site or use our WordPress plugin.

Get insights with advanced analytics

Make intelligent decisions and increase customer satisfaction thanks to Beamer’s advanced analytics. Measure the reach of your posts and react quickly to critical issues.

Re-engage users with push notifications

Acquiring new users is more costly than bringing back inactive ones. Sent push notifications to users and visitors even if they are not online and bring them back to your site.

Our clients love what Beamer does for them

"Both our customers and internal-teams love the real-time product updates—it’s a win win."
Adam Feber Adam Feber Director of Product Marketing Chargify
"Beamer has become a key element in our go-to-market strategy for new features releases."
Benny Waelput Benny Waelput Product Marketing Manager Teamleader
"Beamer interactions have increased our conversion rate by 280% in just one month."
Sally Buberman Sally Buberman Co-founder & CEO Wormhole
Keep your users in the know.