Product changelog service for SaaS.

Looking for an easy to use changelog as a service for your SaaS? Announce news features, special offers and updates with our changelog and increase user engagement.

How does it work?

Announce new features with an easy to use changelog for SaaS

Instantly broadcast your new features to all your users with Beamer. Increase the adoption rate of new features and improve your user engagement. Get set up in less than 5 minutes.

Use images, videos and gifs to help show how new features work

With Beamer you can visually show users how to use new features, increasing adoption rate. Visual announcements get 10x more engagement than plain text.

Give users a permanent update log to view product evolution

Users can easily view your product’s change history and see all the improvements you are making. Add categories and release dates to help organize. Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed.

Web push notifications to notify all your SaaS users

Send notifications to your users and visitors, even when they are not currently on your site or logged in. Bring back inactive users and reduce churn.

Feedback and reactions to gauge what users think about new features

Users can leave comments and smiley face reactions so you can get real user feedback immediately after releasing a new feature. Respond directly to address feedback and keep your users engaged.

Easy installation, no coding required

With Beamer’s easy-to-use WordPress plugin and simple embed script installation is a breeze. There is no coding required and you can get your new changelog live in less than 10 minutes.

Appearance customization so it fits seamlessly in your site or app

Change the look and feel of your Beamer changelog to fit perfectly in your site or app. You can change the icon used to open, add to your navigation menu, change color and more.

"Beamer is the perfect tool to engage users and reduce churn. It has become a key element in our go-to-market strategy."
Benny Waelput,
Product Marketing Manager at Teamleader
Adam Feber
"Both our customers and internal-teams love the real-time product updates—it’s a win win."
Adam Feber Director of Product Marketing Chargify
Sally Buberman
"Beamer interactions have increased our conversion rate by 280% in just one month."
Sally Buberman Co-founder & CEO Wormhole
Keep your users in the know.