The best way to notify your users.

Improve user engagement with an easy to use newsfeed and changelog. Use Beamer to announce relevant news, your latest features and updates.

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How can Beamer help you?

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Increase user engagement

Keep your users in the know about your latest improvements and news to increase engagement. More engagement = less churn & more word of mouth.

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Get feedback from users & visitors

See what your users think of your latest releases and news. Measure results using Analytics so you can make smart decisions based on real data.

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No code required

Beamer is easy to install and requires no coding knowledge. Just plug in Beamer script and go. Great for all product managers, designers & marketing managers.

Get up to 10x more interactions

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Newsfeed & changelog

Beamer is a smart and easy changelog to announce new features, your latest releases and relevant news that helps you get up to 10x more user engagement.
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Share videos, images and gifs

Too much text can be boring. Add visual content to your changelog so that users will be more engaged and understand product changes faster. Add calls to action to increase click rate.
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Feedback and reactions

See what your users think of your latest releases and measure results using Analytics so you can make intelligent decisions based on real user data.
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Schedule posts so that you can work ahead of time and release product updates at the perfect moment for maximum user engagement.
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Design customization

Customize Beamer’s color and style to match your site or app so that the changelog fits perfectly with your design.
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Segmented notifications

Tag user groups to send targeted messages and internationalize posts so each user can get updates in their own language.
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Sidebar or Standalone page

Embed Beamer directly on your website or app, or use the Beamer Feed. Beamer Feed is an standalone, customizable and personal portal for your newsfeed.
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Invite your whole team

Invite and add team members easily with just their email and work together in the same account to edit and publish posts simultaneously.
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Multiple integrations

Compatible with more than a thousand third-party apps and services with our Zapier integration. And we offer an easy-to-use Wordpress plugin to make the install a piece of cake.
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GDPR compliant

At Beamer we value your privacy and your users’ privacy so we want to comply and help you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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Web push notifications

Send notifications to your users and visitors, even when they are not currently on your site or logged in. Bring back inactive users and reduce churn.
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Multi account

Manage multiple Beamer accounts from the same login. Use for multiple sites or for your clients and save time by seamlessly switching between accounts.
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Three easy steps

step1Create a free account
It's really easy. It won't take you more than 20 seconds. Just add your product information and you are ready to go!
step2Embed Beamer's script
Paste your custom Beamer script before your product html body ends and choose where you want to show it.
step3Start announcing your news
Start beaming users about features, improvement and news. Save drafts or publish them. It's just that easy!

Our clients love what Beamer does for them

"Beamer has become a key element in our go-to-market strategy for new features releases"
Benny Waelput Benny Waelput Product Marketing Manager Teamleader
"Users are now 30% more active and always up to date on our latest features."
Sophia Ellis Sophia Ellis Head of Marketing Hibox
"Literally saved my team weeks of work and improved user engagement immediately."
Sally Buberman Sally Buberman Co-founder & CEO Wormhole

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