Segment your users to get more engagement.

Looking for a better way to send targeted messages to your users? Check out Beamer’s newsfeed and announcement platform today.

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Segmentation demonstration
call_split Segmentation

Target users with specific messages

Show your users that you know their specific needs with personalized messages. Get more responses and over 10x more user engagement and interactions.

  • check Interest guaranteed
  • check Target your public
  • check Send notifications
  • check Segment audiences
group User groups

Send different messages to logged in or paying users

With Beamer you can send custom notifications to different user groups. For instance, target free users differently to encourage them to upgrade.

  • check Segment by any metric
  • check Create user groups
  • check Multiple built-in filters
  • check Custom queries
User group segmentation demonstration
Push notifications demonstration
notifications_active Push notifications

Target users with push notifications

Bring users back to your site with push notifications. Send relevant content to different user groups based on past behavior and interests and reduce your churn.

  • check Find users wherever they are
  • check Send targeted notifications
  • check Notify outside your app
  • check Opt-in subscriptions
file_download Installation

Install in 5 minutes or less. No code and hassle free

You don't need to know how to code to use Beamer. Get access to tons of amazing features with a simple click

  • check No code required
  • check Easy-to-use embed code
  • check Wordpress plugin
  • check Documentation & tutorials
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And there's more...

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Send custom messages to users on different pages
Segment users with the perfect message based on what page they are on. Send a welcome message to a new user or post about a new related product.
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Target messages for different subproducts
Tailor your notifications based on the specific product your customer is interested in. Don’t lose your customers with one-size-fits-all marketing.
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Speak to customers in their language
Beamer allows you to translate your posts into different languages. Talk to customers in their own language and get more engagement and interactions.
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