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Most powerful solution for maximum results

$ 249 /month
Billed annually
Branding WatermarkedNoneNoneNone
Monthly visitorsUp to 1,000Up to 5,000Up to 10,000Unlimited
Appearance customization
Advanced analytics
User feedback
User segmentation
Push notifications
Custom domain
Boosted announcements$19/month$19/month
Advanced segmentation integration
Single Sign On (SSO)
Monthly visitors Up to 1,000Up to 5,000Up to 10,000Unlimited
Basic analytics
Advanced analytics
Post scheduling
Pinned posts
User feedback
Custom categories
Multiple categories
Push notifications
User segmentation
Filter by URL
Boosted announcements$19/month$19/month
Advanced segmentation
Single-user notification
User activities integration
Appearance customization
Customizable CSS
Custom domain
Premium featuresFreeStartupProEnterprise
Auto refresh
Dynamic Content
Sync across devices
Staging / testing account
Custom scripting
Boosted announcements$19/month$19/month
Single Sign On (SSO)
Support and customer relationsFreeStartupProEnterprise
Custom contracts
Invoices / Bank transfer / ACH
Personal executive
Assisted installation
SupportBasicAdvancedAdvancedEnterprise grade
Free Start for freeStartup Start for freePro Start for freeEnterprise Start for free
If your Agency needs Beamer on multiple websites, please contact us.
Daniel Harris
Beamer’s changelog lets our customers know what’s new without interrupting them and lets us see how people feel about our new features in real-time
Daniel Harris Sr. Product Marketing Manager Intercom logo Intercom
Cody Bernard
Beamer lets our users know what's coming by sending targeted, in-app communications so we can hit the right customers with the right message.
Cody Bernard Product Marketing ManagerDrift
Jonathan Nolan
Beamer has increased awareness of our new features by an order of magnitude, enabling customers to get more value from the features we build.
Jonathan Nolan VP of Engineering and ProductLaunchDarkly
What are push notifications?
Push notifications allows you to sends notifications to users that are not currently on your website or app. Users will be shown a customizable opt in prompt and will be able to suscribe to your updates. You can enable push notifications on a post by post basis - ie. you can choose which posts to send push notifications for. These notifications work with Chrome (web and mobile), Firefox, Edge and Opera. Learn how to get push notifications here, or how to enable them here.
Can I use a Beamer account on multiple websites?
Yes, you can embed the same changelog in multiple accounts or manage multiple changelogs with a single users. The latter option means that you have a single user (email and password) linked to multiple accounts. Each of them will be billed separately and you may have different plans for each one of them. To learn how to create multiple accounts please read this quick tutorial.
What are my payment options?
For monthly plans we accept any major credit card. For yearly plans, payment can be made via credit card, PayPal, ACH, or by bank transfer (USA and Europe only).
How are Monthly Visitors calculated?
Monthly visitors are calculated as the number of unique users who access any page where Beamer's script is embedded in a given month. We don't charge for inactive users who might be in your database but don't sign in or access your website during a given month.
Is there any message limit for single user notifications?
Yes - there is a limit of 100,000 messages sent per month. If this limit is exceeded a small additional fee will be charged. Please contact our sales team for more details.
Is there a limit to how many posts I can send per month?
There is a limit on Free, Startup and Pro. The limit 1000 / month - which is far more than needed for most cases unless you are wanting to send single user notifications. In that case you will need our Enterprise plan which includes up to 100K / API requests per month. Additional requests can be purchased for $19 per 100K additional requests.
Do you have annual plans?
Yes, we have annual plans for both Startup and Pro. We offer two months free in exchange which is a ~17% discount compared to monthly (savings of $100 and $200 for Startup and Pro). Contact to activate your annual plan today.
What is user segmentation?
User segmentation can be used to send targeted messages to specific groups of users. For example, you can show different posts to paying users and non-paying or logged in users and logged out. You can also show different feeds to users based behaviour such as past purchases from your store or which specific page they are visiting on your domain. To activate user segmentation you simply need to tag your users and send these tags through your Beamer script. Learn more in this guide or in our Developer Docs.
What is domain whitelist?
Domain whitelist allows you to restrict which url's your Beamer sidebar can be displayed on. This helps you maintain ultimate control over your Beamer announcements and make sure they are showing up only on the sites you want them to appear. For more info on how this works check out this detailed article in our Help Center.
What is the difference between basic and advanced analytics?
With basic analytics you will have access to the totals figures: total views, unique users, total clicks, etc. With advanced analytics you can access a timeline graph, filter different periods of time, check a list of users with approximate location, browser data and more. You can even send through our script your users' full name and email (if you have that data) to associate the analytics with real users.
What is Enterprise grade support?
Enterprise grade support gives higher priority to your support issues. Your response time will be significantly less and in most cases you will be able to chat with a live support expert.
What is Beamer’s privacy policy?
Your privacy is important to us. You can check out our privacy policy by clicking on this link.
What are Beamer’s terms of service?
At Beamer we want to offer you transparent and fair terms of service. You can check out our terms of service by clicking on this link.
Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription anytime and your card will not be charged for the following month. You will not be refunded for prior payments unless there is a problem with your account.
What are feedback and reactions?
You can add feedback and reactions to any post which allows users to leave a smiley face reaction or text comments (private, only visible to account admins). This is a great feature to understand what your users think about your latest updates.
What can you change with appearance customization?
With appearance customization you can change Beamer’s style to match your site or app so that Beamer fits perfectly with your design. You can edit header and background color, category colors, font size and more. If you need even more appearance customization you can use Custom CSS (Pro plan only).
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