Track customer happiness with NPS.

Send users surveys and measure customer satisfaction with an easy-to-use and free NPS tool.

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See how Beamer NPS works

55 NPS score

Get NPS feedback to track customer happiness

Install NPS survey in-app for higher response rates to measure customer satisfaction for your product and latest releases.

Track results over time with analytics

View your average NPS over time and identify trends that you can act on. Always be in the know for what your customers want.

NPS score filter:

Use segmentation to filter results

View NPS results for specific user groups like role, location, plan, account, industry or anything else to get powerful insights.

Even more features

Auto-response messages

Send automated in-app responses to users based on what score they gave you to increase engagement even more.

Integrate with your workflow

Send NPS scores to platforms like Intercom, Zendesk, Zapier and many more to trigger automated workflows and drive retention.

Customize look and feel

Change the design to perfectly match your website or app. Show users the NPS survey in their own language and increase response rate.

Get better results with Beamer NPS

Increase customer happiness

Discover areas for improvement and take action to increase client satisfaction

Create more advocates

Evaluate customer loyalty and increase word of mouth promotion for your product

Reduce customer churn

Identify clients that are likely to churn and alert your sales team to take action before they leave

Track and increase customer happiness.