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Beamer vs AnnounceKit

With Beamer, you’ll get powerful tools that enable two-way communications with your customers — at a better price point. 

Why growth-focused teams choose Beamer

Don’t just make announcements — start conversations.

Get more ways to reach more of your customers.

Get flexible pricing to suit your needs.

Let your customers comment and react to others on changelog updates, vote on feature requests, and get notified when their ideas are added to your roadmap.

Use a variety of notification types to boost reach and engagement, including pop-ups, banners, emails, and more. Segment your audience down to individual users.

Pay only for the tools you use. Get powerful features like segmentation, customization options, Zapier integrations, and privacy settings for less.

Beamer delivers more features and flexibility than AnnounceKit.

Beamer provides more notification, customization, and feedback options than AnnounceKit. See how the products and prices compare.

Customizable plans Free plan, with paid plans starting from $49/month up to $249/month for Scale. Free plan with paid plans starting from $79/month up to $339/month for Scale.
Changelog, posts, and notifications
Pinned posts check check
Post scheduling check check
User segmentation check check
Push notifications check close
Boosted notifications check check
Single-user notification check close
Unlimited teammates check check
Unlimited languages check checkAvailable only with Scale or Enterprise plans.
Inbox check close
Customizable widgets check check
Customizable CSS for lower level plans check close
Custom categories check check
Multiple categories check check
Filter by URL check close
NPS tool check check
In-app surveys check check
Email surveys check check
Multiple NPS score types check close
Monthly surveys check close
Customer feedback
User comments check check
Multiple comment reactions check close
Feature requests check check
Feature voting check check
Private and public product roadmap check close
Private and public feature requests check close
Feature statuses & categories check close
Feedback priority score check close
Content moderation tools check check
Internal notes check close

Integrate Beamer seamlessly with your product

Customize your notifications, changelog, roadmap, and all communications according to your branding requirements — no matter what plan you choose.

  • Remove Beamer branding with all paid plans.

  • Customize CSS to match your branding requirements.

  • Get custom scripting on Beamer widgets.

Start productive conversations with your customers

Beamer Feedback provides a powerful suite of tools for collecting, analyzing, and following up on customer feedback.

  • Collect feature requests and ideas right within your app, erasing friction for your customers.

  • Enable customers to vote and comment on others’ ideas to collect further feedback and get validation for what to build next.

  • Automatically update customers when their request is added to and progresses along your product roadmap.

Unmatched pricing flexibility that grows with you

Our plans are flexible for startups to scale and grow. Get all the features you need and pay only for the tools you’ll use.

  • Close the feedback loop with a public roadmap and leverage a variety of notifications including single-user and push.

  • Build your own suite of tools based on your biggest priorities by buying Changelog, NPS, and Feedback separately.

  • Receive outstanding customer support with every plan, no matter your scope or scale.

  • Tried and tested: Beamer is the best customer feedback and communications platform for SaaS product teams

  • “Beamer has revolutionized our approach to client communication, offering a seamless platform for announcing new features directly within our application. By allowing us to engage with users where they are most active, it ensures timely and effective communication.”

    Josh Pendergrass, VP of Engineering at Broadlume

  • “For our customers, Beamer is the source of truth for product updates. It's helped us create strong habit loops within the product that get customers consistently checking in and engaging with our product releases like never before.”

    Kloe Desrosiers, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Unbounce

  • “Prior to using Beamer Feedback, our customers were not actively involved in the product development process. They would often contact our support teams, unaware of already released features, and request them. However, since implementing feedback collection and sharing a public roadmap via Beamer Feedback, we have seen a significant decrease of 50% in support volume.”

    Mark de Jong, CEO and Principal PM at Timewax

  • “Beamer is more than a changelog for us, it's a unique channel that helps us engage and build rapport with our customers, cross-sell new products, drive adoption, and reduce churn like never before.”

    Louisa Ive, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Patchwork