Data Security

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Your Data Security and Privacy are our number one priorities.

At Beamer, we care about our customers’ data and this is how we protect it. We pride ourselves in keeping our policies regarding security, data and service updated and public. You can learn more here:

Data Security.

lock Data Ownership

Your account and data belongs to you and will not be sold in any case. We can delete your account and data upon your request.

workspace_premiumSOC2 Compliance

Beamer is SOC 2 Type II certified as a guarantee of our information system security, confidentiality, and privacy policies. Learn more about SOC 2 here.

dns Access

Customer data is always backed up and uptime is over 99.9%.

key Encryption

Beamer data is encrypted in transit (advanced TLS protocols and 2,048-bit keys or better) and at rest (using AES 256 encryption with integrity).


Beamer is GDPR Compliant and has the Data Processing Agreements in place. Learn more about our commitment with guidelines, certifications and user protection laws here:

Trust Center.

Visit our Trust Center for more information on our policies regarding security, data, and services, or to request documentation.

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Penetration testing.

Third party network, application and physical security tests are conducted regularly. You can contribute to keep Beamer secure and get rewards for your efforts. Learn about our Bounty Program here:

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