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Beamer for Blogs

Beamer for Blogs.

How to get more reads, views and engagement

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Beamer for SaaS

Beamer for SaaS.

Announce new features and increase user engagement

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Beamer for e-Commerce

Beamer for e-Commerce.

Increase your click rates, engagement and sales

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Beamer for Websites

Beamer for Websites.

Reduce your bounce rate and get more engagement

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Even though Beamer is really easy to use, some advanced features can require some getting used to. We have a documentation page for developers, a comprehensive API manual, and a Help Center where you’ll find answers for the most common questions about how to use Beamer and how to make it work for your product. You can also take a look at our blog Product101 where we publish tips, lists and tutorials related to Beamer and product marketing in general.

Terms and Policies

Beamer is all about communication and we take pride in making that frictionless. We make great efforts in keeping all our terms and policies public, updated and easy to access. Here you’ll learn what we offer, what are the terms and conditions, and how we handle your private data or information.

We also have articles about or commitment with GDPR compliance, our Bug Bounty Program and our Affiliate Program.

Products and Features.

Beamer is a suite of product marketing tools that helps build better engagement and keep users updated wherever they go. Our toolkit consists of four flagship products: changelog, roadmap and feature requests, NPS surveys and in-app notifications. You can use them in tandem or by their own, to fit your workflow perfectly. Learn more about each of our products and of the many other features we offer, here:

Even more features!

Each of our tools provide other amazing features. Learn more about them and how to combine products, features and tools to make Beamer a frictionless piece of your pipeline.


Beamer has plans to accommodate users and companies of any size. All our plans have a 14-day free trial and you can change up or down as you go. Read about our pricing plans and payment methods here:



Beamer is adaptable and easy to install. For a basic installation (that takes juts a few minutes), get your embed code and paste it in your app or site. If you want to learn how to install Beamer in different platforms, you can read more here:


We also have an official WordPress plugin to make installation even easier. Download the plugin or install it directly from your WP dashboard and get ready to use Beamer in a blink of an eye!

More Tutorials!

Get even more answers to any question about how to make Beamer work for you in our Help Center.


Still not sure about Beamer? Let us show you what it can do live! Try our widget, visit our standalone page and get inspired to create one of your own, or check out our demonstration page and play with the different options:

Your Data Security and Privacy is our Priority.

At Beamer, we care about our customers’ data and this is how we protect it.

Read our Terms of Service

vpn_key Data Ownership

Your account and data belongs to you and will not be sold in any case. We can delete your account and data upon your request. Learn more chevron_right

lock Encryption

Beamer data is encrypted in transit (advanced TLS protocols and 2,048-bit keys or better) and at rest (using AES 256 encryption with integrity).

dns Access

Customer data is always backed up and uptime is over 99.9%.

workspace_premium GDPR

Beamer is GDPR Compliant and has the Data Processing Agreements in place. Learn more chevron_right

bug_report Penetration testing

Third party network, application and physical security tests are conducted regularly. Learn more chevron_right

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