Beamer for e-Commerce

Increase your click rates, engagement and sales

When you launch an e-commerce site, your ultimate goal is to turn traffic into actual sales. This can be tough when you only have a few second to take someone from “window shopper” to, browsing, to checkout. No matter how much traffic you pay for, without real engagement and movement through your site, it won’t amount to much of a profit. Your focus should be on making your user experience one that captures attention and drives further engagement towards real purchases.

Beamer is a very simple, effective tool ecommerce sites can install instantly to boost engagement. E-commerce sites using Beamer have increased sales by up to 40% within first month of use. Beamer is a newsfeed that you can easily install on your site. Beamer acts as a central place for your users to find new updates and offers on your site within the interface so they are more likely to engage with your site. It’s the perfect tool to let users know about new products, offers, discounts and upcoming news.

Here is how you can leverage Beamer to boost user engagement and sales on your ecommerce site:

Announce new products and discounts with eye-catching visuals:

When you create new product and discount announcements in Beamer, you can add photos, videos, graphics, and GIFs to create a beautiful announcement feed. Users, new or returning, can open a very visual and engaging feed with “What’s New” at the top of the page. Having a central new product log right within the interface of any page is a much better way to get users exploring new products than banners or buttons that are easy to miss on a page. Users who watch a product video are 73% more likely to buy. Beamer updates are perfect for displaying new videos showing how products work which can be easily added, even from Youtube. You can add strong calls to action at the bottom of each new product or discount announcement to push users further towards purchase.

Beamer widget to improve engagement and sales e-commerce

Gauge product success with reactions, comments, and analytics:

Oftentimes with ecommerce sites, the only way you know whether your engagement efforts and new creative decisions are effective is when your sales are either up or down much after your campaigns. With Beamer, users can leave reactions and comments to each announcement much like on a Facebook feed. They can ask specific questions and leave their opinion which helps you quickly gauge the reception to a new product, sale, or update. A more interactive experience that is constantly changing encourages users to return and continue to explore. Beamer also collects a lot of data on user engagement that can be used by your team to make better strategic decisions. You have a whole dashboard of organized and clearly presented data with Beamer Analytics anyone on your team can easily access.

Beamer engagement and sales e-commerce post example

Curate product announcements to personalize user experience:

81% of potential customers want brands to get to know them based on their behavior and know when to approach them. Without some form of personalization on your ecommerce site, you are missing out on a big opportunity to convert new and returning traffic to purchasing customers. With Beamer, you can set up curated notifications to be sent to different tagged user groups based on demographics and pat behavior on your site. So if you have returning users, re-present them with offers based on their past interests and update them on new products. Customers that are rewarded for their loyalty are much more likely to purchase. You can send new users introductory offers to get them immediately interested in purchasing. You can segment notifications by language as well to better engage global customers. You can also show a different version of newsfeed for different pages of site to customize based on what users are currently viewing and are interested in. Customers are used to feeds and images being curated to their tastes.

Photograph of person browsing e-commerce store on tablet

Use Beamer to leverage social selling:

Selling is not about pushing price comparisons and unrelenting advertising anymore. Customers online have an exceptional number of options and all of the information they need at their fingertips. To lock in the repeating sales for long term growth, you need to work on social selling, or building relationships with customers and leveraging the opinions of others online. Social selling can take place anywhere you can have a conversation with potential customers; social media, email, your website, etc. There are plenty of simple ecommerce sites with plenty of very similar competitors that have taken off because their ability to create loyal customer bases using all social platforms. People rely on the influence of others on social media for purchasing decisions more than ever. Beamer is a great way to initiate and continue to build on relationships with potential customers. For example, you can announce the number of products sold to further demonstrate a product’s value in Beamer. You can include review announcements, testimonials, and social posts by customers in Beamer to further build trust with potential customers.

Hand using a smartphone

Make announcements where customers can immediately act:

When you send an email about a new product or sale, it is unlikely a customer is going to click through directly to your site and make a purchase. The more steps they have to take to get to a purchase, the less likely they are to buy. By making sale and new product announcements directly in your website’s interface is that they don’t have to go very far to make a purchase. They are much more likely to take immediate action when where they want to be is a click away. With a strong, visual call to action, It’s a great way to take someone from “browsing” to aware about a product or sale and “adding to cart”.

Beamer post example for e-commerce sales

Boost your online sales with push notifications:

When you are launching a new product or creating a special offer for a limited period of time on your site, you expect to convert more visitors into paying customers. Don’t miss an opportunity to increase traffic to your site while boosting your sales. With Beamer push notifications, you can effectively reach visitors and customers even when they aren’t currently on your site. Send push notifications to notify users about special deals you are offering or new products you have in stock. This is the best and easiest way to bring them back to your site and have them further explore your products and offers. Push notifications are created automatically from your latest posts and can be customized to direct users to specific pages. It’s really that easy. Sites using Beamer push notifications have seen their conversion rate from visitors to paying customers increase up to 3x, just by using this simple tool. Push notifications are the most effective way to build a strong customer base, to enhance customers-brand relationship and to turn first time customers into repeat buyers.  

Beamer push notification prompt

Beamer turns a simple ecommerce site into a two-way, ongoing, engaging marketplace between your team and your customers. Using Beamer, it’s easy for any ecommerce site to turn international traffic into loyal customers. To better convert traffic to sales, try Beamer on your e-commerce site today.


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