Web push notifications

Want to send web push notifications? Notify offline users about important announcements with our newsfeed and changelog.

Send notifications to offsite users and visitors

Send notifications to your users and visitors, even when they are not currently on your site or logged in. Bring back inactive users and reduce churn.

More effective and simple than email

Say goodbye to managing lists, drafts, and campaigns. All you have to do is set your important updates live and users who have opted in will automatically get a notification, no matter where they are online.

Create notifications automatically from published posts

You can choose which posts on Beamer you want to send a push notification for. The push notification will be automatically created from the post including the title, image and text preview.

Choose where to send users who click

Choose where you want users to be sent when they click on your push notification. You can send them to your Beamer standalone page to see the whole post or send users to your website or app.

Bring users back to your site and reduce churn

Push notifications have over twice the opt in rate compared to email on company websites and higher click through rates. Get more people signing up for your updates and better engagement today with Beamer.

Keep your users in the know.