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Announce your latest product updates, new features, bug fixes, news and more with Beamer’s release notes app for SaaS. No code required!

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Embeddable widgetInstall in-app or on your website so users can get announcements in context

Standalone pagePublic page with your own domain, custom appearance and SEO optimization

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Notify users in-app about your latest product updates

Create posts for your new features or updates and share with all your customers. Use images, videos and gifs to improve feature discovery and engagement.

Customize the release notes widget to fit your design

Personalize our widget to perfectly fit your site’s UI. Customize color, font, notification icon and more. Make it look like a native part of your app!

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Send more relevant notifications with user segmentation

Build user segments using queries and send targeted messages to get even better results. Segment by user role, plan, industry and more.

Get contextual user feedback on your latest releases

Close the feedback loop by using comments and reactions to see what customers think of your product. Integrate with your favorite apps.

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This is great!

Even more features

Use analytics to measure user engagement for your product updates

Advanced analytics to measure user engagement

Check user engagement with your updates using analytics. Measure views, unique users, clicks and more. No more guessing!

Send push notifications to bring users back to your app

Use push notifications for important updates

Send push notifications to users who sign up to receive your latest updates. Make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!

Install Beamer’s release notes tool in 5 minutes - no code required

No code required - install in 5 minutes or less

Install Beamer effortlessly without having to write any code. Save dev resources and get access to tons of amazing features.

Get better results with Beamer

user engagement 3x

Improve user engagement

Triple engagement by keeping users updated on your latest news

less churn 50%

Reduce user churn

Improve churn as users become more active and engaged with your product

feature discovery 200%

Improve feature discovery

Increase feature adoption over 2x with in-app notifications for your releases

Daniel Harris
Beamer’s changelog lets our customers know what’s new without interrupting them and lets us see how people feel about our new features in real-time
Daniel Harris Sr. Product Marketing Manager Intercom logo Intercom
Cody Bernard
Beamer lets our users know what's coming by sending targeted, in-app communications so we can hit the right customers with the right message.
Cody Bernard Product Marketing ManagerDrift
Jonathan Nolan
Beamer has increased awareness of our new features by an order of magnitude, enabling customers to get more value from the features we build.
Jonathan Nolan VP of Engineering and ProductLaunchDarkly
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