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Beamer vs Canny

Communicate with users more effectively than ever before with custom changelogs, collect feedback that leads to new and improved features, and measure customer satisfaction across all touchpoints.

Why PLG teams prefer Beamer as a better alternative to Canny?

Tailored to fit your needs.

2-way communication.

Flexible pricing.

Customize interactions to match your brand and user experience perfectly. Make every touchpoint feel like a natural extension of your product.

Respond to user comments, collect ideas, and share roadmap updates to close the feedback loop.

Beamer offers flexible pricing plans that don’t leave powerful features out.

Beamer goes beyond basic feedback.

Both platforms can collect and analyze user feedback, but only Beamer can effectively close the feedback loop. From announcing product updates to collecting votes on feature ideas, choose the platform that does it all.

Customizable plans Free plan, with paid plans starting from $49/month up to $249/month for Scale. Free plan with paid plans starting from $79/month up to $359/month for Growth.
Changelog, posts, and notifications.
Pinned posts check close
Push notifications check close
Boosted notifications check close
Single-user notification check close
Unlimited teammates on lower level plans check close
Unlimited languages check close
Post scheduling check check
User segmentation check check
Customizable widgets check close
Customizable CSS for lower level plans check close
Filter by URL check close
Custom categories check check
Multiple categories check check
NPS tool check close
In-app surveys check close
Email surveys check close
Multiple NPS score types check close
Monthly surveys check close
Customer feedback
Private Inbox check close
Multiple content reactions check close
User comments check check
Feature requests check check
Feature voting check check
Private and public product roadmap check check
Private and public feature requests check check
Feature statuses & categories check check
Feedback priority score check check
Content moderation tools check check
Internal notes check check

The all-in-one user communication platform.

Beamer has every step of your user journey covered. With flexible pricing that adjusts according to your needs, the platform is packed with a suite of tools to drive, analyze, and manage user engagement.

  • Beamer Changelog: Announce your latest product changes and releases in-app or on a customized standalone page. Boost critical announcements with engaging in-app notifications.

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  • Beamer Feedback: Hear directly from your users, prioritize their Ideas, and automate the feedback loop.

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  • Beamer NPS: Measure and improve customer satisfaction with targeted and perfectly timed NPS surveys.

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Collect feedback that leads to a better roadmap.

Canny can collect user feedback, but Beamer shows users that you’re listening. Our platform offers solutions for every stage of the feedback loop.

  • Collect feedback via feature requests, changelog comments, and reactions.

  • Respond directly to feedback in public or via a private Inbox.

  • Send targeted status updates when user suggestions are picked or shipped.

  • Track interactions to improve and iterate your engagement strategies.

Maximize your reach to elevate user engagement.

Beamer has some of the highest user engagement rates out there because we make it easy for you to reach your users, and even easier for them to reach back out.

  • Engage users wherever they are with in-app, push, and email notifications.

  • Personalize your communication with single-user notifications via API.

  • Enable reactions to get immediate feedback on every update.

  • “Beamer has always been the frontline to get our customers' opinion and immediate reaction to a product update”

    Tom Barragry, Product Marketing Manager at GetResponse

  • “Before Beamer, our product update emails were getting below 50% open rates, and adoption of our new features was low. Using Beamer to replace email, we immediately saw 30% higher adoption with 50% less effort!”

    Paolo Sabatinelli, Chief Product Officer at

  • “Beamer Feedback gives us confidence that we are building the right features and tools for our clients. We have a central place to see feature requests, get votes, and enable customer interaction.”

    Drew Naylor, Product Owner at MaxContact

  • “Beamer is so much easier than anything else we tried for user engagement.”

    Kim Gjerstad, Co-Founder at MailPoet, now Automattic