Installation Guide

Learn how to install Beamer in every single platform

If you’re new to Beamer installation may seem overwhelming at first, but in reality it’s really easy. Pick the installation that suits your needs and in less than a minute you can be ready to publish your first posts and customizing your own Beamer feed to your liking. In this page you’ll find useful guides on how to install Beamer by using the embed code, our WordPress plugin, or some popular web-builders like Squarespace and Simvoly. Just follow the steps and get ready to engage your users in a new and direct way.

Installation Guides.

Basic Install (HTML/JS)

The easiest and simplest way to install Beamer in your website. Just copy and paste the embed code and you’ll be ready to go.

Wordpress Plugin

If you have a WordPress site, download the plugin and activate Beamer directly from your dashboard.


Did you build your site with Squarespace? Follow these easy steps and install Beamer in no time.

Google Tag Manager

Install Beamer easily and precisely by managing the embed script with Google Tag Manager. Trigger the code where and how you want to.


Learn the easiest way to install Beamer in your website built with Simvoly.

Beamer Integrations.

Beamer can interact and combine with different third-party apps to create complex workflows.


Integrate and connect Beamer to your favorite third-party service or app using Zapier. More than 4,000 apps available.


Integrate Beamer with Cloudflare, one of the largest web infrastructure and website security tools.


Display your Beamer updates right from your Intercom Messenger home.

Even more automation tools

There are more automation and integration tools out there that are compatible with Beamer. You can learn more about Beamer integrations here.


When embedding our default script is not an option for your app, whether because it’s not a web app or because you prefer not to use third-party addons, you can still use our API to enable you to use Beamer.


Create custom integrations between Beamer and your app using webhooks.

Need more help?


Any doubts? Take a look at our Help Center where we answer the most common questions on how to use Beamer to its fullest potential or read our comprehensive documentation.

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