Build a Notification Center for your SaaS in minutes.

Announce your latest updates in-app with powerful widgets like pop-ups, top bar, snippets and tooltips to suit every need.

Beamer is the #1 customer communications platform for product releases

Changelog tool - Beamer
feed Notification center

Communicate with your users more effectively.

Create notifications for your new features or product updates. Share with all your users in-app. Use visuals like images and videos to further increase user engagement.

  • check Notification center
  • check Changelog and release notes
  • check Publish product updates
  • check Image, GIF and video support
Beamer in-app notifications
campaign In-app notifications

Boost your content.

Engage your users by sharing important news as eye-catching notifications. Supercharge your content by giving it extra exposure.

  • check Banners
  • check Pop-ups
  • check Snippets
  • check Tool tip
Beamer topbar in-app notification
mark_chat_unread Topbar mode

Eye-catching notifications.

Catch the eye of your users without being intrusive with the topbar mode. A simple and direct way to make your announcements.

  • check Impossible to miss
  • check Choose your brand's color
  • check Link to any content
Beamer snippet in-app notifications
mark_chat_unread Snippet mode

Recommend and tease relevant content.

Share more about the content you want to promote with the snippet mode. An elegant an unobtrusive card at the corner of the screen.

  • check Add a thumbnail & excerpt
  • check Nonintrusive
  • check Link to any content
Beamer popup in-app notifications
mark_chat_unread Popup mode

Let your content pop.

Give your users the full story with the popup mode. A floating card right at the center of the screen.

  • check Modal announcement
  • check Add more content
  • check Link to any URL
Beamer tooltip in-app notifications
mark_chat_unread Tooltip mode

Subtle teasers.

Use the Beamer button to send subtle but noticeable messages with the tooltip mode.

  • check Tease your latest content
  • check Nonintrusive
  • check A single click to read more
Beamer schedule posts
schedule Announcement scheduling

Program your announcements for the best moment.

Take advantage of the hours with most traffic. Send your notification at the perfect time to get your users’ attention.

  • check Program your content
  • check Future & past dates
  • check Post expiration date
Beamer boosted in-app notifications segmentation
call_split Segmentation

Cater your updates to users' specific interests.

Use segmentation to send your in-app notification to exactly the right audience. Get better results by notifying your users about content they want to read.

  • check Interest guaranteed
  • check Target your public
  • check Send notifications
  • check Segment audiences
Beamer analytics
assessment Analytics

Track your impact.

Check analytics to measure the impact and engagement of your notifications. Track your announcements and improve your metrics!

  • check Real-time metrics
  • check Make informed decisions
  • check Filter by event
  • check Export to CSV
Beamer NPS survey tool - installation
download Installation

Install in 5 minutes or less. No code and hassle free.

You don’t need to know how to code to use Beamer. Get access to tons of amazing features with a simple click.

  • check No code required
  • check Easy-to-use embed code
  • check Wordpress plugin
  • check Documentation & tutorials

And there's more...

Customize your design

Get full control on your design and choose between our four different notification types.

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Improve your workflow connecting to a variety third-party apps through Zapier, Integromat and Pabbly.

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Codeless install

Good right out the box! Don’t waste time coding and install in a few minutes.

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Beamer has always been the frontline to get our customers' opinion and immediate reaction to a product update.

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We have seen a 200% increase in product activation when we push a product update via Beamer’s in-app notifications.

Thomas Barragry Product Marketing Manager at GetResponse

Beamer's Notification Center is loved by product teams all across the globe 💛

520% Return on investment (ROI)
3x Improvement in user engagement
1 hr Average time to complete install
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