Beamer for SaaS

Announce new features and increase user engagement

In the world of SaaS, the opportunity to turn a profit can be huge but the amount of competition and challenge of closing sales is as well. You have a digital product and there is small marginal cost on your product or store front costs. However, with SaaS you are often asking your customer to change their normal business processes to incorporate your product. It’s a much higher level of commitment and can be difficult.

With SaaS products however, if you really impress customers with your service, they are often willing to share their opinion in word of mouth and reviews. This can actually become your most valuable marketing tool. Having high engagement and strong brand loyalty can create exponential sales and profits. Beamer is a perfect tool for engaging your users, keeping them coming back to your product, and converting those who make it to your site into loyal users.

Here are the top ways you can use Beamer with a SaaS product to convert traffic to paying users and keep users engaged long term:

Notify users for new features and updates:

Over 70% of your users are likely to leave your product within the first week. If you have a trial period, those are users who will never become paying customers. If you want to keep user engagement long term or bring back those “lost” users, you need to let them know your app is dynamic and changing to meet their needs. Sending users emails to inform them of new features or updates is the least effective way to get their attention. Emails may, at best, get a 20% open rate from your user base. Comparatively, Beamer updates gets over 50% read rate and up to 10x more user engagement. And Beamer has the added benefit that you can always avoid the spam folder. Keeping users consistently informed with news keeps them onboard with your product as you continue to improve. Because Beamer is integrated into your product interface, users have less to click through to explore new features and updates. They are more likely to engage with your product than through an email since they get announcements in context.

increase user engagement SaaS

Give users visual tutorials on how to best use your product:

Many SaaS products require the user to change something they are doing and get used to using your product instead. For many users, a deterrent from adopting a product, even if it’s a great solution, is the learning curve or just not seeing the value right away. You can use Beamer to guide users through your product and explain how to use it for greater value to them. You can use screenshots, graphics, videos, and GIFs to show users how to use features and best practices with your product. For example, if you introduce a new feature, show users where they can find it, how to use it, and suggest ways they specifically can use it with screenshots and GIFs. You can include a strong CTA with a link to increase user engagement. You’re much more likely to get users engaging with your product when they can see what you’re improving and they’re prompted to start exploring for themselves.

increase user engagement SaaS

Let potential customers know how current users love your product:

As mentioned before, in SaaS sales, word of mouth and social selling are great ways to spark exponential growth. Potential customers will listen to your current users. Include reviews from your current users on your home and landing pages using Beamer to better sell your product to potential users coming to your site. You can create a rolling feed of persuasive reviews showing what your current users love about your product to help build credibility with potential users. Have a client record a video review talking about your product and share with your users and website visitors to increase conversion rates.

increase user engagement SaaS

Ask for user feedback and suggestions on how to improve your product:

A great way to boost engagement and show users that you care about improving your product for them is to ask for feedback. Beamer is a great way to create a two way conversation between you and your users. Use Beamer to ask users for feedback directly. Users can leave comments and reactions just like on Facebook so it’s easy for them to give quick feedback on your updates. You can collect data on what your users want to use in better decision making by your development team so you can deliver exactly what your users need. Your team can also use Beamer Analytics to take a look at more detailed data like unique visitors, total visitors, clicks, unique clicks, geography and more. As your users see your team’s focus on improving the product for them, they will be more likely to stay on than look for other solutions.

increase user engagement SaaS

Announce your latest improvements with push notifications:

Developing a SaaS product requires you to make regular improvements and updates to react to fast changing users’ needs. Getting your users to notice all these improvements is a tough part of the job, but it’s extremely important for long term success. With Beamer, you can easily and effectively show your users that you are working to find the solutions they are looking for. Send push notifications to visitors and users to notify them about the latest updates on your product. Push notifications can reach users even if they are not currently on your site and they will never end up in the spam folder. When users click on your notifications they can be redirected directly to your app which makes it easier to understand how the new features work. With Beamer’s push notifications users learn how to use new features 3x faster and user engagement can be increased up to 10x. Don’t let all your hard work go unnoticed with Beamer’s push notifications.

Beamer push notification prompt

Sell to various target groups with curated updates:

With Beamer, you can segment your updates to better target your customer groups. Especially with SaaS, this is important as you’re likely trying to sell your product as a valuable tool across multiple industries. You may already be using different landing pages for different target customer groups. With Beamer you can create updates that are segmented by language and have different updates display on your various landing pages. That way your product’s value can be communicated better to specific target customer groups. For example you can send different updates to your paying versus non-paying users with custom calls to action. Or if users are on a page talking about Enterprise solutions you can show a feed with special deals for Enterprise accounts or new features you added to your Enterprise plan.

increase user engagement SaaS

Boost engagement by announcing directly within your interface:

Beamer can be installed directly into your website or app to put messages in a central place that will boost engagement. Messages delivered to users directly within your product or website are more in context and don’t require you to coax users to click through to your app. When users can read a message and immediately engage with what you announced you get much higher engagement rates in the short and long term. They adopt new features faster. Beamer integrates seamlessly as a “What’s New” tab on your website navigation or as part of your app’s sidebar.

increase user engagement SaaS

Beamer can help eliminate some of the pain points and automate the sales process for SaaS product websites. It can also be used in your SaaS products to keep users engaged and build relationships for loyal, long term customers. Try Beamer in your SaaS product and on your product’s website today for long term growth.

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