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How to get more reads, views and engagement

Blogs and content sites that are able to develop long term engagement and a growing loyal audience can be extremely profitable for their creators. Regardless of whether you are relying on organic traffic or you are paying for users to get to your site, engaging them and introducing them to the value of your site is imperative for long term success. The easy part is driving traffic. It’s the long term engagement that can be quite difficult. Without it, all that traffic is useless.

There are many factors that go into creating a blog that makes traffic “stick” and has a low bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. It’s what tells Google that your site is interesting and relevant for certain topics. Some of the main factors that contribute to a low bounce rate are your user interface, content, and speed. Your user interface should be easy and self explanatory. Your site should be fast. The content should be relevant and interesting to your target audience.

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You can use Beamer to easily hit some of these key factors on your blog or content site. You can use Beamer to announce to users, new and returning, your new content and prompt them to take action and engage with your content, significantly reducing bounce rate.

Here are a few of the ways blogs and content sites are boosting engagement with Beamer:

Use Beamer to announce new blog posts:

Beamer acts as a newsfeed for new content on your blog that fits right within your interface seamlessly. Getting users to visit your new content via email is rarely successful. Often newsletters go ignored or end up in the spam folder. With Beamer, users can simply click a “What’s New” tab on your navigation menu or a floating icon to open up a stream of new content on the same page. You don’t have to constantly update your homepage or widgets everytime you add content. They don’t have to leave the page they are currently on to check out new content. You can create engaging content updates using images, GIFs, and videos to grab users’ attention. You can add links and CTAs at the bottom of your updates to get users to further explore the content on your site. It’s the perfect way to get people moving to different areas of your blog and spending time on content that is interesting to them.

Beamer widget on a blog

Get users interacting with your content in your Beamer feed:

It’s easy to get a ton of blog posts up but what you want for a successful site is that users are engaging and sharing posts. Most people when landing on your page may not even make it to interesting and new posts unless they know how to get there. Beamer is a perfect way to introduce content in a way that gets user interacting immediately. Beamer looks and acts as a social feed like Facebook. Users are used to engaging with content in this format. It mimics the community element and allows users to leave reactions and feedback under each update to encourage engagement immediately. This will help you gauge the success of your new blog posts and determine if it matches your readers’ interests. You can use Beamer to build your blogs credibility with new users by announcing milestones like the number of subscribers, followers on social media, and shares on posts. Letting people know your blog is growing in popularity will entice them to continue to be involved.

Beamer blog feedback engagement example

Engage new and returning users across platforms with Beamer:

If you’re running a content site or blog, you very much likely are working on your social media presence. It can be a lot of work to get your social media and website insync and as it needs to be. You can get Beamer to work in line with your social efforts with the integration for Zapier. Using Zapier, you get set it up so that everytime you post an update of your content on Beamer, it gets posted on your Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms or emailed to certain lists in Mailchimp even. It’s a really easy way to make the process for sharing your content a lot more simple and cohesive across platforms. You can add links to updates to your social pages to encourage engagement across your social pages as well.

Beamer blog engagement post example

Send push notifications to reach offline readers:

You have worked hard and spent a lot of time writing your latest article. And once published, the most important thing is making sure that your followers actually read it! The risk of sending a new post announcement by email is that people could ignore it or it could directly fall in the spam folder. Beamer’s web push notifications are the best way to send announcements for all your blog’s important updates. With push notifications you can directly reach your readers and bring them back to your site, even when they are offline. You can choose which posts on Beamer you want to send a push notification for. The push notification will be automatically created from the post including the title, image and text preview. You can also choose where you want users to be sent when they click – if you want to send users to the full post to read it, or to your blog homepage to further explore your site. Push notifications are a great way to reduce churn, reinforce readers’ loyalty and increase their engagement.

Beamer push notification prompt

Target specific user groups with segmented notifications:

Not all users that come to your site are going to be interested in the content on your homepage. You want to give users a personalized experience that is customized for what they’re interested in, particularly with content. You have limited time to capture their attention and convince them your content is of value to them. With Beamer, you can segment the notifications that users see on their Beamer feed to fit their language, demographics, and past behavior on your site. For example, if users have been on your site before and explored certain content, they can get notifications for content related to that. If you’re a paid content site or community, you can segment notifications for paid and free content depending on who lands on your page. If your site is in various languages, you can set up Beamer to send notifications in your users’ language for a really personalized experience that is sure to get better engagement for your global audience.

Beamer curated notification example

With a higher click through rate on your content and various pages of your cite, the better your blogs overall performance is. A high performing blog or site can easily be monetized for passive income in various ways. At Beamer, we offer an affiliate program where you can sign up to help us promote Beamer on your blog and earn a percentage of Beamer sales that come through your site. If you are interested just click here for a 1 minute signup: Beamer affiliate signup

Adding Beamer to your site immediately improves your onsite user experience in one simple no-code, no-design step. You will be able to engage users better with the content you’re putting up instead of hoping they figure it out for themselves. With users seeing how dynamic your site and content is, your bounce rate will go down, helping you out with SEO with no effort. Try Beamer and improve your blog’s user engagement for free today.


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