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How to use Domain Whitelist? 

What is Domain Whitelist?

Domain whitelist allows you to restrict which url’s your Beamer can be displayed on. This helps you maintain ultimate control over your Beamer announcements and make sure they are showing up only on the sites you want them to be shown. 

How to use Domain Whitelist?

  1. Go to Settings (settings) and then to General.
  2. In the Domain Restriction field, enter the URLs of the websites that you want to enable to show your Beamer widget. When inserting a domain like, Beamer will allow traffic from and any of its subdomains. For example:
    Beamer domain restriction setting
  3. You can include multiple domains separated by  semicolons (;). For example: [code];;[/code]
  4. Don’t forget to save your changes.
For more information about Domain Whitelist, visit our Documentation.

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