AnswerThePublic uses Beamer
to keep users updated and engaged.

Announce important news, latest updates, special offers and more with an easy to use notification center and changelog service.

Trusted by more than 5,000 companies

Embeddable widgetInstall in-app or on your website so users can get announcements in context
Public pageStandalone page with your own domain, custom appearance and SEO optimization

How does Beamer work?

Share your important news and updates

Create and schedule posts to keep your users and site visitors in the know. Use visual content like images, videos and gifs to get even more engagement.

Use segmentation to send targeted notifications

Create custom segments by industry, product, role, location, language, behavior and more. Send more relevant notifications and get better results.

Use push notifications to bring users back

Send web push notifications to users or website visitors to make sure they get your announcements - even if they aren’t on your site.

Get feedback on your latest updates and news

See what people really think about your latest updates with feedback and reactions. Analyze the results and respond to feedback.

This is great!

Even more features

Customize your design

Customize the the look and feel of your notification center to fit perfectly with your website or app. Change trigger location, feed size, colors, font and more.

Advanced analytics

Use our advanced analytics to measure the reach of your notifications. For each post you can see clicks, views, unique views, location and much more.


Integrate your Beamer account with +1000 other apps. Automatically share new posts in Beamer, connect with social networks and much more.

Get better results with Beamer


Improve user engagement

Triple engagement by keeping users updated on your latest news


Convert more customers

Increase conversion rate by 62% when leads interact with your updates


Get more clicks and views

Get twice as many clicks as email by sending push notifications

"Beamer is the perfect tool to engage users and reduce churn. It has become a key element in our go-to-market strategy."
Benny Waelput,
Product Marketing Manager at Teamleader
Adam Feber
"Both our customers and internal-teams love the real-time product updates—it’s a win win."
Adam Feber Director of Product Marketing Chargify
Sally Buberman
"Beamer interactions have increased our conversion rate by 280% in just one month."
Sally Buberman Co-founder & CEO Wormhole

Learn how Beamer can fit your needs

Beamer for SaaS

Announce new features and increase user engagement
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Beamer for e-Commerce

Increase your click rates, engagement and sales
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Beamer for Blogs

How to get more reads, views and engagement
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Beamer for websites

Reduce your bounce rate and get more engagement
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