Wish your customers were more engaged with your product?

Open up two-way communication right from your app and easily reach, engage, and hear from your customers.

Why Beamer's customer communication platform?

Launching products but it's crickets out there? Get ahead of disengaged or inactive users with Beamer.

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Improve customer confidence in your product

Use Changelog to show off your product updates, fixes, and overall velocity. Maximize engagement with targeted notifications, comment and reaction capabilities, and more.

Beamer changelog demo
“Before Beamer, our product update emails were getting below 50% open rates and adoption of our new features was low. Using Beamer to replace email, we immediately saw 30% higher adoption with 50% less effort!
Paolo Sabatinelli Chief Product Officer at Immobiliare.it
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In-App Notifications

Reach more customers—with the right messages

When it comes to in-app messaging, one size doesn't fit all. Find an array of options—from subtle, unobtrusive tooltips to eye-catching banners—to nudge desired behaviors and boost engagement 3x.

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520% Return on investment (ROI)
3x Improvement in user engagement
40% Reduction in customer churn
NPS Survey

Keep a pulse on customer satisfaction

If your customers are quiet, it's hard to know if they're happy. With a no-code NPS survey built right into your app, it's easy to collect regular, actionable feedback and identify trends you can quickly act on.

Beamer NPS demo
“We use Beamer for every single marketing and product update campaign we run because we know it gives us 3X the engagement rate of email with less than half the effort.
Louisa Ive Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Patchwork
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Launch features your customers actually want

Does it feel like you're developing in the dark? Now, you can easily collect and prioritize feedback—and know how to build more value into your product.

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Get more out of your product releases.

Turn each launch, update, or fix into an opportunity to engage, excite, and learn from your customers.