We have some amazing news! Since we launched Beamer in 2018 we have become a recognized leader in no-code product engagement tools. Today we are excited to announce a growth investment from Camber Partners, a B2B SaaS investment firm focused on product-led-growth (PLG) software companies. Valued at over $20M, the investment reflects both firms’ commitment to building a unified platform for Product teams across the globe. As part of the investment, Beamer announced Satya Ganni as its CEO.

Beamer, headquartered in Boulder, CO, has steadily emerged as a trusted platform for customers looking to build better products and improve user engagement. The company’s Changelog, NPS, and Roadmap products serve as intuitive tools that facilitate better communication and feedback between businesses and their end user base, ultimately helping to increase engagement and reduce churn.

Mariano Rodriguez Colombelli, Beamer’s CEO, shared his insights on the partnership:

“Our core mission at Beamer has been to help companies across the globe build better products. With Camber’s investment and partnership, we see a strong opportunity to expand our offering and enhance the value of our platform. We’re pleased to have Camber joining us through this next phase of growth.”

San Francisco-based Camber Partners brings an extensive track record of investing in and nurturing product-led growth (PLG) software companies. The firm’s decision to invest in Beamer is rooted in a strategic rationale: Product Management and Product Marketing teams are the new Sales & Marketing for PLG software companies. These growing functions need a robust toolkit that enables data-driven decision making and measurable ROI. Camber perceives Beamer’s existing data layer, which facilitates advanced user segmentation, as an optimal starting point.

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Scott Irwin, Founder and Managing Partner of Camber Partners, expanded on this:

“We’ve observed a compelling shift in the software landscape. Product managers are increasingly leaning on tools to make data-driven decisions and our investment in Beamer is grounded in this observation. Their platform’s potential, particularly in user segmentation, aligns perfectly with our vision for a more integrated product management toolkit. We’re eager to partner closely with the team and Satya to embark on this opportunity together.”

In connection with the partnership, seasoned SaaS Chief, Satya Ganni, will join as CEO of Beamer. Ganni’s impressive lineage in leading PLG B2B SaaS firms to success, along with multiple exits, echoes Beamer’s aspirations for scaling new heights in the User Engagement domain.

“I’m genuinely excited to embark on this journey with Beamer, a platform that has consistently redefined the boundaries of product engagement. Joining as CEO offers a unique opportunity to not only continue the company’s legacy but also to explore new avenues of growth and innovation. Collaborating with Camber, with their deep insights and expertise, I am confident that together, we will drive Beamer to new heights and further solidify its place as a cornerstone tool in the Product Management landscape,” said Ganni.

This partnership emerges at a time when the role of product management is rapidly expanding. With businesses beyond the tech sector relying more on cloud-based applications, the need for tools like Beamer is more-evident than ever– a market expected to surpass $5.06B by 2030.

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About Beamer
Founded by Mariano Rodriguez and Spencer Coon, Beamer is a no-code product engagement platform that includes changelog, notification center, NPS and roadmap. With customers like Hotjar, MongoDB, Unbounce, Linktree, and Zenefits, Beamer’s mission is to help companies build better products.

Beamer is easy to install and requires no coding knowledge. Just plug in Beamer script and go. Great for all product managers and product marketing managers. To learn more, please visit https://www.getbeamer.com

About Camber Partners
Camber Partners is a San Francisco-based growth equity firm focused on product-led growth (PLG) software companies. Camber Partners provides software companies with flexible capital and dedicated go-to-market and data science resources to drive long-term sustainable growth. To do it, the Camber team brings to its portfolio companies deep operational expertise across sales, marketing, growth, and product development. For more information, please visit http://www.camber.io or follow us on LinkedIn.

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