MailPoet has been revolutionizing the way WordPress-powered websites send emails and engage with their audience. MailPoet helps over 100,000 companies and individuals create loyal subscribers straight from their websites easily via email. Their product helps you quickly create emails from right within your WordPress interface. You can pull directly from your media files and use beautiful templates to quickly create professional looking emails.

MailPoet is the perfect tool for busy site owners who need to reach their subscribers’ inboxes.

Mailpoet engage users

But internally, the MailPoet team themselves were missing a way to reach their clients and keep them in the loop of new updates to their platform. They needed a way to reach users where they are most easily engaged: right within their product. Engaging SaaS users and keeping them onboard as you grow and change your product is a unique challenge.

Initially, they thought about building their own notification sidebar similar to one they had seen in Slack, which would have been months of development work. Luckily, Kim Gjerstad, a partner at MailPoet, found Beamer to be the perfect out-of-the-box solution instead.

Beamer is a changelog and notification center plugin that lets SaaS companies like MailPoet send updates to users and site visitors right within their site or platform for news, new features, offers, updates, and more. It’s the perfect solution for a growing, ever-improving SaaS product like MailPoet to keep users engaged and updated.

Mailpoet engage users

“We were going to copy Slack and spend months of development work to build our own notification center to better reach users with updates. That’s when we stumbled upon Beamer, the perfect out-of-box solution.”

What were they using before?

Before deciding they needed a better solution and finding Beamer, MailPoet was using basic in-app announcement tool they had built in-house which didn’t provide any analytics or information on the reach of their posts (views, clicks, etc). This made it hard for the product and marketing teams to immediately judge the success and interest in new releases. They were also sending a newsletter and update emails but these often went unopened and were unsuccessful at getting much engagement since the announcements were being made outside the app, totally out of context. They also were making some announcements via social media on Twitter, but like the newsletter, the engagement wasn’t there and they were mainly using Twitter for customer support. They needed a central place for announcements that was in-app, in context, easy, and with the ability to measure views and clicks..

“Announcements felt like an overhead before we found Beamer”

When they found the Beamer site after searching through some expensive alternatives that missed the mark, they could see how Beamer works right on the site. It’s a simple out-of-the-box solution that was exactly what they were looking for.

How does MailPoet use Beamer?

MailPoet uses Beamer to make new feature announcements and updates to the platform. They reach users in context right within the platform so they can explore new features and updates right away, boosting their engagement. They also use Beamer to share new informational content like guides on how to send exceptional emails, guides on how to use MailPoet better; it serves as an entry point to the blog. They use Beamer to post every two weeks to show users that there are new updates to the platform so they know that the MailPoet team is constantly working to offer them the best email solution possible.

Mailpoet engage users

The results from Beamer:

Beamer has helped MailPoet boost overall engagement from their 100,000 users and keep them active as they improve and grow their product. They’re able to reach users in a more relevant way which increases engagement and adoption of new features and updates for users which is super important for keeping them onboard as they grow. Beamer has also helped MailPoet turn their users into brand advocates. It helps build the perception that MailPoet is working hard to create an excellent product so their users are more likely to promote it. Beamer helped increase their NPS (Net Promoter Score) score by 10 points, just a few months after implementing.

“Beamer helped us to increase our Net Promoter Score by 10 points”

What else does MailPoet like about Beamer?

When Kim first found Beamer there were a couple other things that really stood out and helped make the decision to go with Beamer a no brainer. Firstly, pricing was not based on total number of users. MailPoet is an extremely popular app and has more than 100,000 users. Any sort of pricing system based on number of users would have been prohibitively expensive. Beamer offers flat, transparent pricing plans based on the features you need, not how many users you have. And as you continue to grow your user base pricing stays the same. Kim also liked the ease of use of Beamer – it took around 5 minutes to install and had all the features he wanted to fully engage his users without any extra, unnecessary features making it hard to use.  

“Beamer is so much easier than anything else we tried for user engagement.”

Beamer for SaaS companies.

For MailPoet, adding Beamer to boost engagement and keep users in the loop was a no-brainer. It was incredibly easy to install and exactly the solution they were looking for as a ever-growing, improving SaaS product where product changes and announcements are critical to success. When asked whether he thought Beamer was a good tool for SaaS companies Kim replied “Product announcements are a critical part of a SaaS and Beamer offers the stats in no time, installing Beamer is easy, it’s like a toggle to switch on announcements, it’s a no-brainer”.

“Product announcements are key for SaaS. Beamer is like a toggle to switch on announcements. It’s a no-brainer.”

Try Beamer on your site or in your app today to boost engagement and create loyal users as you grow!