Now more than ever, customers expect a conversation and relationship with brands. With thousands of options and substitutes available at their fingertips, an impeccable brand experience is one of your main (and only) competitive advantages and ways to create loyal customers.

A big part of building your brand experience is listening to customers through collecting feedback and responding by continually improving. When customers know how much their opinion and needs matter to your team and you show them you’re willing to adapt your product or service, they’re much more likely to stick with you long term.

You can use a feedback widget to improve your brand experience and show customers that you are focused on improving for them for long term loyalty, here’s how:

Ask questions of your target audience.

With a feedback widget, you can ask specific questions of your target audience to get further detailed insights into what they’d like to see improve with your brand and what is working well with you. From the developer perspective of a website, it’s hard to determine where your pages are missing the mark and what parts are successful. Start by using a heat mapping service like Hotjar. You can get live recordings of users interacting with your pages and heatmaps to show where users have problems and where they spend the most time. From here, you can ask users what they’d like to see in terms of your online experience and what would be most helpful to them. For instance, ask them about their experience with your checkout process. Ask them what more information they would want on products or services or what kind of content they would want to see if you see this is where you’re lacking in your brand experience. You can use a feedback widget like Beamer to ask question directly on your site. 

feedback widget

Get insights on what new products or services you can offer.

Many brands use opportunities to communicate with users to ask them specifically what they want to see next. Big brands like Nike invite users to be a part of the design and marketing experience by picking the next colors and styles. Allowing users into the brand experience helps customers feel like they are apart of the growth of a brand, as does asking for their contribution through a feedback widget. You can ask them to choose between two new designs or what services they’d like to see you provide next. Including customers in the development process of your brand makes them feel like you are focused on meeting their needs and will help build their loyalty. You can set up polls or ask users to respond to your questions via comments or emails through your feedback widget. Polls are likely to get more engagement but comments and messages can get you more of a personal, helpful response. For basic polls, you can try Survey Monkey:

feedback widget

Fix problems personally before they turn into PR issues.

It’s always good to have multiple ways to be “front facing” so when trouble arises you’re not the last to respond after customers have already taken to the internet or worse, your reviews.

Offer your feedback widget as a permanent place for your team to address customer concerns and questions directly on your site. Encourage and allow customers to send in their comments and questions or report issues always through your feedback widget so they do not have to send support emails.

You can also turn frequent questions and request you collect through your feedback app into a help center for customers to save everyone time. Without an easy-to-find place to do this, customers can get frustrated and give up on your support!

improve brand using a feedback widget

Gauge your brand’s success and engage customers by collecting feedback with your updates.

Instead of just asking for complaints, comments, and feedback, you can use a news feed widget to share updates and collect data on your customers reactions and comments to get direct and more specific feedback from them.

With a newsfeed and feedback widget like Beamer, you can create a stream of the latest updates from your brand on any page of your site. Customers simply have to click a “What’s New” tab in the navigation or an icon in the interface to open up a feed full of updates they can interact with. Customers can leave their reactions and comments. You can create updates for anything: latest news, new products, discounts, sales, new services, new content, etc.

On the backend, you get a Beamer analytics dashboard of open rates of your updates, comments, and reactions so you know what is making your customers happy and what is not. In addition to collecting feedback, Beamer increases engagement by 10x on sites that use it. Customers will be more engaged on any page of your site and it opens up a way to better understand your customers sentiments about the decisions and moves your brand makes!

feedback widget

Adding a feedback widget is the easiest way to make your brand more personable and dynamic for your customers: it shows that you care about their wants and needs and are actively willing to make changes to improve their experience. Use a feedback and news feed widget like Beamer to engage them 10x more and collect important data to help you make better brand decisions. Set up and start using Beamer on your site today in minutes!