While on your own SaaS product marketing journey, it helps to take inspiration and advice from those who are building and marketing some of the most successful products.  Across industries, there are ideas, tips, and tricks you can pull and apply to your own product marketing strategy. 

Here are some inspiring SaaS product marketing influencers to follow for great ideas and inspiration as well as staying in the loop on industry happenings. 

product marketing influencers

Here is a shortlist of top SaaS Product Marketing influencers to follow: 

James Doman-Pipe

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Remote

With 2020-2021 being the boom (arguably) for remote work and remote teams, HR SaaS platform Remote was in a great position to grow and its product marketing great hands with James Doman-Pipe. James is an expert in product positioning and speaks at events such as Product Marketing Summit as well as shares his expertise in his newsletter ‘Building Momentum’. James gives priceless actionable tips on sales demos, positioning strategy, best pitching practices, etc.  on his Medium as well. One of his really interesting topics is “Positioning Against Goliath” for smaller SaaS products entering a seemingly saturated market. Check it out. 

James Doman-Pipe profile

Cody Bernard

Head of Product Marketing, Dooly

Cody has had his hand in everything product management and marketing from early stage startups to the late stage enterprise level. Cody has helped launch over 75 products. With this background, Cody started a podcast called “Getting to Market” covering everything from go-to-market strategy, messaging & positioning, competitive intelligence, market research and more. He shares regular updates on his work, tips, and podcast on his active LinkedIn. Cody is also a founding 500 member of Product Marketing Alliance and regular contributor to other product marketing podcasts and communities

Cody Bernard profile

Tamara Grominsky

Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce

If you’ve worked for a startup, you’ve likely used Unbounce at one point or are still as you grow your company. That’s the beauty of a SaaS product positioned for both. You can thank talented SaaS product marketers like Tamara Grominsky for that. Tamara specializes in Go-to-Market strategy and is a member of Forbes Councils. Her focus is identifying winning market segments, creating a lucrative and competitive pricing model, and aligning product strategy with the later. Tamara has great podcast episodes on customer segmentation. Tamara is a perfect expert to invest some study time in for an expert-level understanding of sustainable revenue growth through segmentation and product go-to-market strategy. 

“Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are the three pillars of modern marketing. Great segmentation is the bedrock for GTM success but is overlooked by so many.”

 – Tamara Grominsky: Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce

Tamara Grominsky profile

Jasmine Jaume

Director of Product Marketing in Intercom and mentor

Jasmine manages multiple product marketing manager groups at Intercom and oversees go-to-market strategy and core positioning. She shares her knowledge and expertise on all things related on social media and across product marketing and management communities online. She regularly shares helpful tips and insights on LinkedIn and as a mentor for Sharebird. With Sharebird, she contributes to the Women in Product Marketing podcast series with other influential product marketing managers. 

Jasmine Jaume profile

Ryan Goldman

Product Marketing at Moloco

Ryan Goldman has head up product marketing at Pendo, Cloudera, Sentry, SignalFx, and Cisco, Soundcloud, and now Moloco jumping between SaaS for B2B and consumers. Marketing and managing products across those industries and customer segments requires an ability to understand customers and align product management, marketing, and sales strategy to speak and deliver the same value proposition. Lucky for us, Ryan shares his expertise across multiple platforms and has some great resources out there including this podcast on Ryan’s 48 hour rule (find out what it is) and this Go-to-Market walkthrough that is super easy to digest and full of great info. 

Ryan Goldman profile

Matthew Howells-Barby

Vice President of Product Marketing at HubSpot

Matthew originally began on the SEO team at Hubspot in 2015 which makes him an interesting and well-versed Vice President of Product Marketing. He was also the co-founder of Traffic Think Tank which provides SEO training through a platform. In addition to his hands-on work at Hubspot, Matthew is an investor and advisor to other companies like SEMrush, Lemanu, and more. Matthew is a product marketing mentor and speaks regularly on podcasts and at events about the specific of his expertise in consumer product marketing. Matthew shares his strategies and insights on the future of product marketing at conferences around the world and on his site. He is a great follow on Twitter for insights to keep in the loop on the SaaS product marketing world.

Matthew Howells-Barby profile

Melissa Perri

Product Institute Board Member and Harvard Lecturer

An overall “product person”, as her popular Twitter profile states, Melissa is dedicated to helping others learn how to think like a product manager. Melissa created the Product Institute and the CPO Accelerator to help better educate and empower product executives. She runs a podcast called “Product Thinking with Melissa Perri” where she speaks to various product managers and marketers about specifics like product roadmaps, conducting product market research, product strategy and more. 

Melissa Perri profile

Megan Murphy

VP of Product at Hotjar

Megan Murphy has led product teams across industries and the world covering all aspects of product management and product marketing. Megan’s ‘product ethos’ is that great products are built with data that exposes an opportunity, insights that explain the “why” behind the data, and an opening in the market. Megan speaks at events around the world like Product Con. She is a regular contributor to product-focused podcasts and product communities like Mind the Product, Product School, Product Led, and Churn.FM. She’s also involved in a number of women in tech and product communities as a mentor and speaker. 

Megan Murphy

Justin Keller

VP of Revenue Marketing at Drift

Justin Keller is an award-winning B2B marketer who is currently VP of Revenue Marketing at Drift. Justin is a contributor to podcasts, blogs, and private communities like Revenue Collective dedicated to B2B and product marketing. Justin speaks worldwide at events like Ascent Conference and FLASH Miami as well. He participates in product marketing Podcasts and webinars you can find announced on his Twitter and LinkedIn. He’s very active on his Twitter sharing helpful content, tips, and upcoming podcasts and events to tune in to. 

Justin Keller profile

Blake Barlett

Product-led VC at OpenView

Blake Barlett has led investments at OpenView in products such as Highspot, Calendly, Expensify, Postscript and Cypress, etc. He coined the term “Product-led Growth” in 2016 to describe a new SaaS business model where end users prefer a self-service customer journey built on customer needs rather than sales team-led conversations. Blake built a very successful podcast called OV Build where he discusses this with other product leaders as well as analyzes changes and trends in the SaaS product market. Blake is highly followed and active on LinkedIn where he often shares helpful videos, podcast snippets, etc on people, product, and growth.

Blake Barlett profile

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