Though the buyer process has totally changed, coming into a website is still very much like walking into a store. If you don’t capture customer attention within a few seconds, they won’t have a good impression of your store. If you don’t make recommendations for your clients, they won’t know about your other products. If you don’t engage with customers and get to know them, you won’t know what they want. If you don’t find a way to reach them again, 98% will never come back to make a purchase. There’s a lot that has to go into the e-Commerce sales process.

tools increase sales e-Commerce

Here’s our list of the 7 best tools for increasing sales on your e-commerce site:

1. AdRoll for retargeting.

Only 2% of shoppers will actually make a purchase on the first visit to your site. To increase sales and not wasting your advertising dollars, you need to find ways to bring back the other 98%. Using retargeting to reach customers who were previously interested in your products is 76% more effective at getting them back to your site. Most importantly, it stretches your advertising dollar. AdRoll estimates that customers make 5x return on ad spend, which is fantastic. AdRoll is a tool that helps you both target the right customers with your ads and retarget customers that have visited your site before. Additionally, AdRoll uses AI to make personalized ads for each targeted customer with specific recommendations based on data. AdRoll also integrates with many of the tools you already use and love like Hubspot and Shopify to streamline your sales process.

tools increase sales e-Commerce

2. Prisync for competitive pricing.

Prisync helps you be competitive with your pricing in comparison to your competitors. Prisync tracks your competitors pricing and monitors their activity so you can stay ahead of the game. You can enter the links of your products and competitors in and get a dashboard full of pricing data refreshed four times a day so you can easily stay on top of what’s happening in the field. Prisync can help you adjust your pricing quickly for specific items to stay competitive against other e-Commerce sites at a moment’s notice. Customers can constantly price compare in seconds and you have to be on top of your pricing to remain their best option.

tools increase sales e-Commerce

3. 4Screens for interactive content.

With so many different products available, branding and content have become increasingly important for selling your product and standing out amongst competitors. With 4Screens, you can create interactive content for your website and social media that engages your audience and better communicates your brand while collecting useful data to better help you position products for higher sales. You can create interactive surveys and polls and add them to your content and website to engage potential customers and make their experience more personal.

tools increase sales e-Commerce

4. Beamer for announcing sales and new products.

Beamer is a great tool for announcing new products and sales in an effective and in-context way. Beamer is a newsfeed that opens up in any page on your site. It blends into the interface. All customers on your site have to do is click a “What’s New” tab in the navigation or an icon in the interface to open up a news feed of your new products, new content, or sales. Sites with a Beamer feed installed have seen 10x more engagement. You can make your Beamer updates eye-catching with photos, videos, GIFs, and actionable CTAs. You can configure Beamer to reach people off your site too with push notifications customers can opt in to and a Zapier integration so you can simultaneously send updates to your social pages as well.

tools increase sales e-commerce

5. Adimo for streamlining the shopping process.

Adimo stream lines the buyer process by allowing customers to add a product to their cart and go to checkout straight from an ad or re-targeted ad with a product. It takes out all of the steps between customers seeing something they like and actually checking out on your site. Adimo also helps you add “Buy Now” options to your site anywhere so customers can instantly go to checkout when they find what they want. It also helps make the social and website content you create better at converting. You can add “buy now” buttons that go to a shopping cart to a video, social posts, and content on your site to close the “convenience gap”.

tools increase sales e-Commerce

6. OptinMonk.

Over 95% of visitors on your e-Commerce site for the first time will not make a purchase and likely won’t find their way back. You need to make finding a way to get them back or keeping the line of communication open with them a priority on your site. OptinMonk helps you capture first time potential customers about to leave and offers them something special to boost conversions. Visitors come to your site, OptinMonk tracks them as they move through your site, determines when they will likely exit, and displays an offer for them before they exit personalized from their behavior on your site. For example: a pop-up with an offer for a specific product in exchange for email. You also get the data of where people spend time on your site and what makes them exit to improve your user experience.

tools increase sales e-Commerce

7. Unbxd.

Unbxd helps you create a personalized shopping experience for customer while they’re exploring your site. It takes care of everything from predictive search of your products so customers can narrow down what they’re looking for to personalized product recommendations for customers as they explore products. You can even personalize the product browsing experience to put the perfect products in front of each potential customers browsing your site. It takes the guessing game out of displaying what products customers want to see!

tools increase sales e-Commerce

Covering all of the bases in terms of effectively capturing customer attention, selling, and driving actual checkouts all simultaneously on your e-Commerce site can be difficult. But once you get get a system set up with the right tools in place to automate, the profits can be exponential. Try these tools and Beamer today on your e-Commerce site to boost customer engagement and sales.