The vast majority (over 70%) of people using your product or visiting your site will disappear within the first week. The key to long term growth is engagement. As you launch a new product or website, it’s imperative that you keep users updated on new features and updates so they stay engaged. Chances are you will be making a ton of changes to better your product and website as you grow but if they never hear about them, you will lose users.

A great way to let your users know your product is evolving and keep them excited about your product is to have a changelog that they can reference. Headway is a simple changelog that you can share with your users to keep them in the loop. However, Headway is missing a lot of elements that really help drive engagement.

Beamer has many feature that are necessary for getting users to not tell users about new features but get them using them for long term engagement. Beamer is not just a changelog, but an announcement system where you can announce anything; new content, new features, updates, or general news. It sits right within your user interface. You can create visual updates with screenshots, videos, and GIFs to grab users’ attention and boost engagement across your website or product. And you can even send web push notifications and use our API for extra integrations. 

Get instant data with feedback and reactions with Beamer, the best alternative to Headway (Headwayapp):

With Beamer, users can leave reactions and comments on your updates in their Beamer feed just like in Facebook. It’s a fast, intuitive way to collect user feedback. You can reply to user questions and comments via comments, creating a two-way conversation between you and users. You immediately know how users feel about your updates and what specifically is working or not working to improve your product in their experience.

alternative to Headway

Reach a global audience with multiple languages.

You can configure the same Beamer messages in different languages. Your users worldwide will appreciate updates in their own language. For new users to your site or product, they will be more connected and engaged right away if this part of your site is personalized for their language. It’s a very easy way to add personalized automation to your growth strategy. Nearly 75% of users get frustrated when a website shows content that has nothing to do with them or their demographic. It’s become expected.

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Connect with users on a personalized basis with segmented notifications.

79% of users say they will only engage if something is tailored to their interests. With Beamer, you can segment your updates for specific users based on demographics and past behavior on your site. If you have new users, you can make it so they see updates that are more introductory and drive initial engagement with you product. If you have return users who have shown specific interests, you can send them updates that are relevant to them. For example, if you’re an e-commerce site, you can send returning users deals and new product they would be interested in based on their past behavior. It’s a small but very powerful feature.

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Make better decisions with advanced analytics with Beamer, the best alternative to Headway.

Beamer collects an exceptional amount of data on how users are interacting with your site and your updates. Beamer organizes this data for you in a really helpful analytics dashboard that gives you immediate insight into what’s working and what isn’t. You can see which updates have been opened and clicked more as well as how users have moved around your site as a result. You can access a timeline graph, filter different periods of time, check a list of users with approximate location, browser data and more. Your team can make better decisions in real time as communicate more effectively with your users with Beamer.

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Use Beamer in conjunction with other powerful tools.

There are powerful integrations available for Beamer already out and more on the way. There is a Beamer WordPress plugin to make installation, creating updates, customization, and reviewing analytics an easy part of your team’s process anyone can do (even without tech skills). To connect Beamer with other apps and tools you may be using for marketing such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can now connect Beamer with Zapier and set up automated processes to better engage your users. Beamer’s API allows you to create your own custom integrations that best suit your needs.

alternative to Headway

alternative to Headway

Use web push notifications to bring back offsite users.

Beamer allows you to send web push notifications for your latest announcements and news. This helps bring back offline users and ensures that your latest announcements are read by your users. Notifications are created automatically and include text preview from your post, title and image. You can also choose which url to send users to when they click. This is a great way to bring users back to your site and reduce churn.

Beamer does more than just announce changes. Beamer provides everything you need to communicate with users in a way that helps you create a better product experience and grow long term loyalty and engagement. Try Beamer free today.