Personalized and immediate communication is what your customers expect. Even if your team is small, you have to deliver. There are plenty of options for tools to help you give users the updates they need and keep them engaged with your product. A common tool teams choose is Live Chat which sits in your website or product interface. With Live Chat, users can chat directly with your team about questions. You can also send them updates on your product via this “chat bubble”. The problem with chat bubbles is that they are more and more ignored and the messages or your updates disappear when they are opened. When your team announces something new, there is a good chance users will miss it or will forget quickly. Updates are better to announced and left in a findable place.

Beamer is a simple newsfeed you can install within the interface of your website or app that is much more central and engaging. With Beamer, you can create updates that are visual and engaging by adding screenshots, videos, and GIFs. You can also segment updates by language, demographics, and past behavior so users get a customized news feed.

Best alternative to Live Chat

Beamer, the best alternative to Live Chat, integrates visually into your website or app:

Beamer really blends into your user interface and doesn’t feel like an external chat. You simply add a “What’s New” tab to your navigation menu with a little red notification indicator. It’s both engaging and visually appealing. It matches your interface exactly and doesn’t look like a separately branded tool. When a user clicks to open the Beamer window, it does so on the side of the page in a discreet way. Users can scroll through their feed without leaving the page they were on. Not only does this just overall look nicer than a chat bubble on the bottom of the screen, but it also helps decrease the bounce rate on your site by engaging users in useful content and updates.

Alternative to Live Chat

alternative to Live Chat

Beamer gets 10x more engagement.

As previously mentioned, most users have learned to ignore many notifications. Push notifications, email updates, and even chatbots are now just something else to close out and forget about. If you’re lucky, 15-20% of your users will open an update email. It’s very difficult to get people continually engaged with your product if this is how you’re communicating with them. Updates sent with Beamer get ten times more engagement. It’s difficult to get users excited and using new features right away with just a basic chat message. When was the last time you read through a text or email notification and clicked through? Beamer updates are more visual. You can add screenshots, videos, and GIFs to engage users and visually explain your updates.

Alternative to Live Chat

No 24/7 chat monitoring.

Tools like Live Chat make your team look bigger and more responsive, but it still requires your team is able to be responsive. You open the door to chat messages coming in from all over the world 24/7. If you’re not able to respond to them quickly, users can get frustrated and think you have poor customer service. You will need to dedicate a ton of your team’s hours to this. Beamer is a perfect solution for small teams who want to provide immediate support but not a way to communicate regularly with users. With Beamer, there is no live chat element so you can set updates live for users and leave them alone. Beamer allows users to leave comments and reactions like on Facebook that anyone can address on your own time. Users feel there is two-way communication but it doesn’t take up your team’s whole work day! You can use Beamer to leave visual, simple guides on how to use new features with GIFs and screenshots for some support without 24/7 monitoring.

Leave a permanent record.

There are many things like updates that are better to announce and leave in a findable place. Beamer acts as a rolling, permanent changelog of all your new features, updates, and announcements that users can look back on anytime. Instead of receiving a push notification or an email about a new feature and reading and forgetting it, users will be able to see new and past updates in one central place right within your product. This is perfect for new users as well so they can see your most recent updates and see how much your product is improving. Users are loyal to products that respond to their feedback and show effort to improve

Easy installation of Beamer, the best alternative to Live Chat.

Installing Beamer is very simple for anyone on your team. There are no coding skills or tech team required to implement Beamer on your site or app. There are a few ways you can install Beamer. You can copy and paste a script into your wordpress site directly if you’re a little technically savvy. There is also a Beamer WordPress plugin that makes installation even easier with a simple download.

alternative to Live Chat

Save a ton vs other tools.

One more important thing: Beamer is a much cheaper alternative to Live Chat. For all the features of Live Chat, you’re normally paying between $50 and $149 a month. Beamer costs just $49 a month for creating all types of updates, segmenting, and access to powerful data and analytics Beamer collects on your users behavior on your site. It’s a complete user engagement package for much less.

alternative to Live Chat

If you’re interested in reaching users in the most effective way, boosting user engagement, and collecting insightful data, try Beamer on your site or in your app with a a simple install.