For any SaaS company looking to use runway to take off and reach true cruising altitude, your customer engagement is a key metric you’ll be closely watching and focused on increasing. The more engaged customers are on your website, the more likely they are to follow through the path you’ve laid out to become loyal users and reduce your churn rate. Without customer engagement on your site, the efforts and money you’re pouring into your marketing and sales efforts falls flat.

automate customer engagement

As you and all other SaaS entrepreneurs are aware, if you can automate marketing, customer engagement, and sales, the profit for SaaS is truly exponential.

Here are the top ways you can automate SaaS customer engagement on your website:

Place the right content in front of the right customer with Optimizely.

A big part of customer engagement on a page is content. You may have several different personas you’re trying to target and creating different landing pages and content to speak to them can be overwhelming and not practically. Optimizely allows you to “optimize” the content on all your pages to suit the customer visiting your website so you can skip that whole process and just engage better automatically. For example, you can change what blog content and headlines appear on your homepage depending on the customer visiting your page. You can test more than just content as well but a lot of small details that could end up changing how customer engage with your site like images, CTAs, colors, graphics, and even the pricing on your items. Optimizely will automatically display what works best to engage your customers!

automate customer engagement

Use an announcement plugin like Beamer to keep customers updated.

Without making announcements about changes to your products and company news visible and available, customers won’t know how much you’re working to improve your product. You can keep them in the loop and increase engagement by adding an announcement plugin like Beamer which creates a news feed of latest updates on any page of your site. Customers visiting your site can open up a feed of updates by clicking a “What’s New” tab in your navigation or an icon in the corner of your site. The feed will appear in a sidebar that blends in with your site’s interface and looks native. You can create updates for anything: new features, company news, discounts, new content, etc. It creates a dynamic place for customers to explore and provides more for them to engage with on any page of your site. Users can add comments and reactions to your latest updates so you get insights on how popular they are.

Top ways to automate customer engagement
Additionally, you can use Beamer’s push notifications to bring customers back to your site every time you announce something exciting like a new feature or new content. Push notifications are automatically generated from your updates and sent to those who have opted in. Once they click back to your site, they have the Beamer feed as a perfect landing page to explore.

Include a chat bubble for customers to directly speak with your team.

Customers are coming to immediate and 24/7 help from your team, particularly for SaaS. Initiating a conversation when they enter your site is also a great way to boost engagement and keep them exploring your product. You can use a chat bot service like ChatBot that to automatically address customers as soon as they enter your site and provides AI-generated support. Instead of just leaving it open ended, you can create an automated question related to your product or service to pop up that sparks customers’ interaction like “What functionality is most important to you?” so you can better address your customers’ needs and sell your product. You can provide self-service for customers and their questions by building a help center with HelpJuice. You can create a place where customers can search and find the answers to their questions all on their own!

automate customer engagement

Include precisely timed popups with enticing offers to get rack up customer contact info.

It’s rare that you will get customers who will be coming back to your site over and over all on their own. Once customers land on your site, over 90% will bounce away forever, even if they were initially interested. The attention span for websites is incredibly short! You want to create a way to stay in touch with customers after their bounce from your site and automate it so as you drive traffic, you can drive repeat traffic in the future. You can use a platform like OptinMonk that allows you to create popups for enticing offers that appear at the precise moments your customer is making a decision to leave your site. OptinMonk includes AI that continually improves the placement and timing on your popups. You can expertly capture your customers contact info so they don’t become another lost potential customer.

automate customer engagement

Just because thousands of customers are engaging with your site doesn’t mean that is has to be impersonal. Creating an engaging experience on your site with automated tools like these can help you create the engagement and user base your SaaS company needs to reach that point of exponential profit. For an easy way to engage customers both on and off your site, try Beamer today.