Driving traffic, organic or paid, is expensive and time consuming. It’s a massive effort for your team. What’s the end result? You’d hope substantial enough conversions, whether that be sales, sign ups, etc., to make it worthwhile for your team and budget. Unfortunately, most sites have less than 59 seconds before a new user bounces forever.

You can dump a massive budget into campaigns for ads to drive thousands of clicks to your site every month and have a very low conversion rate that makes your traffic success unsustainable. What happens the moment a user gets to your site is equally as important as if they click on your ad or link in the first place. The good news is that improving your user experience can be a matter of making a few simple corrections and adding some foolproof tricks for converting traffic like never before.

convert traffic into sales

Employing these few tips and tools to your site will be the cheapest, most valuable thing your team can do to convert traffic and boost sales:

Include peer persuasion in the online purchasing process.

Thanks to the ease of communication, a huge part of the buyer decision making process is peer opinion. Users have an incredible amount of influence on each other. In fact, 84% of buyers say that they seek peer’s opinions when researching a product or making a buying decision. You can help speed up the process and align yourself as the correct fit off the bat by including peer’s opinions for them! Add testimonials or reviews in plain sight for users when exploring your products, preferably on landing pages as well to establish credibility. 

SaaS client testimonial

Offer invaluable information and expert help with purchasing decisions.

There is a plethora of information available to potential buyers within seconds. 81% of buyers say they research a product and look for other options when making a purchase online. You can help make conversions happen on your site and not others by providing them with helpful and informative information that answers their questions and places you as an authoritative figure in the market. This is where content and knowing your audience comes into play. Aim to create helpful content that guides buyers decisions and has the answers ready for their top questions always. Use tools like SEMrush to better know your target audiences and their top search inquires, as well as stay one step ahead of competition with a solid content strategy.

convert traffic into sales by providing strategic content

Change their mind before they bounce.

If, unfortunately, you don’t manage to convince someone to make a purchase in the time they are on your site, don’t give up just yet. Try using an automatic retargeting and lead generation tool like OptinMonster. OptinMonster allows you to catch users throughout your site and especially before they leave with personalized offers and opportunities to get their information.

For example, you can create a popup that reminds users of the items in their cart before they bounce to redirect them back and hopefully towards a purchase. You can create web messages to send with special offers based on users’ behavior on your site to further drive sales. For example, if users view a certain item, you can offer them a discount in a web message as they continue to explore. It creates a sense of personalization and urgency, both key for closing sales.

convert traffic into sales with personalized offers

Eliminate the steps to purchase.

This may seem incredibly elementary, but it’s imperative the path to purchase through your site makes a lot of sense and takes as little steps as possible. The fewer the steps, the less opportunity there is for users to fall off out of the process. The goal should be to push sales along quickly but also be informative and give enough information to buyers along the way. CTAs are key to driving sales throughout your site. They should be well placed, in context, and visible. Use colors that contrast your site well so that CTAs stand out in the form of buttons. Include them appropriately in content and posts to push users to purchase from all areas of your site; think of all pages or posts as landing pages. Briefly going through your top landing pages and improving your CTAs can make a big difference.

convert traffic into sales with fewer steps to purchase

Use Beamer to immediately engage new and returning users on your site.

Nothing makes your product(s) and company look more dynamic and interesting than constant improvement. You can use Beamer to immediately make your interface 10x more engaging for new and returning users. Beamer is a newsfeed that sits right within your website or app interface opened when users click a simple “What’s New” tab in your navigation or icon in your interface. In your Beamer feed, you can post updates for literally anything: news, new features, offers, sales, new products, etc. You can completely customize your posts with photos, GIFs, videos, and CTAs. You can have users opt in to push notifications and bring past visitors back to your site. You can automatically segment updates to personalize users’ Beamer feeds based on demographic, location, language, and past behavior in your site to further boost engagement. You can also integrate Beamer with all your other platforms like social pages and email using the Zapier integration to consistently post your updates everywhere automatically. Beamer is a really easy way for e-commerce sites to present new products, deals, and tailoring updates all in one place on a per user basis to further close sales.

convert traffic into sales by notifying your users

You could be losing out on plenty of sales on your site now. Converting your current traffic to sales doesn’t need to be a huge overhaul, just a few small changes here and there to how users experience your site can have you boosting sales in no time. Try Beamer for an incredibly simple way to boost engagement 10x now.