With an e-Commerce site, you’re essentially guiding the whole shopping process with a series of pages and buttons. Any minor inconvenience could cause a shopper to take off. You want to create a flawless, convenient, and professional experience. Luckily, there are plenty of plugins to easily give you the functionality and look you need.

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Here are the top 10 plugins for e-Commerce sites for 2019:

1. OptinMonster.

When customers come to your e-Commerce site it’s incredibly unlikely they will make a purchase the first time. You want a way to bring them back. Effectively collecting their information is a huge part of increasing conversions. Use the OptinMonster plugin to create effective and engaging popups and offers that will entice customers to give you their information so you can bring them back later. You can track conversions and use split tests to improve results. It’s simple to install and integrates with the tools you already love.  

eCommerce plugins

2. Easy Digital Downloads.

Not all e-Commerce sites these days are physical products. There are so many digital e-Commerce sites selling digital products. You can use Easy Digital Downloads plugin to help you manage the sale of digital products more efficiently and safely. This plugin gives you a full built-in shopping experience for digital products with discounts, shopping cart, download checkout, file access control and customer account page. It’s the best way to manage the sale of digital products and improve your conversions complete with data tracking and dashboard.

eCommerce plugins

3. Mailchimp for Woocommerce.

With the Mailchimp plugin for Woocommerce, you can better communicate with customers to improve return sales and bring back “almost” all customers. You can use the plugin to collect customer emails on your shop. Mailchimp then uses data collected on your e-Commerce site to target customers with the right message at the right time. You can configure it to send out emails with offers for customers who have abandoned their shopping carts to bring them back and convert them. You can automatically follow up with customers who have made purchases with new offers based on their purchase or to help improve their buying experience.

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4. Beamer.

Beamer is the best way to update users with what’s new on your e-Commerce site and engage them. Beamer is a newsfeed for your e-Commerce site that sits directly within your website. Customers can open up your newsfeed by simply clicking a “What’s New” tab in the navigation or an icon in your interface. In your newsfeed, you can post updates for new products, deals, and news for customer on any page in your site. You can add photos, videos, GIFs, and actionable CTAs to get users engaged and exploring your new products. You can also enable push notifications so you can reach users who have opted in off your site and bring them back for new products and sales. Sites using Beamer have seen 10x more engagement!

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5. ReferralCandy.

Working with influencers and using peer networks, affiliate and referral programs can be a great way to boost sales. ReferralCandy helps you launch and manage an affiliate or referral program for your e-Commerce site. It helps you easily create codes, pages, and popups to start your referral programs without any development work.You can easily check how your campaign is running, who is referring, who they are referring too and get tips on how to improve.

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6. Booster for Woocommerce.

Booster gives you everything you need to customize your e-Commerce site from the product page themselves all the way through checkout. There are plenty of functions available with Booster that allow you to streamline your e-Commerce buyer experience and make your shop function on a more professional level. For example, you can configure your site to auto-adjust prices and shipping costs for customer depending on where they are and what currency they use, create a completely custom checkout experience with coupon codes and mini cart previews, and provide customers with shipping and payment options. There are 100 modules to play with in just one plugin.

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7. Order Delivery Date.

The Order Delivery Date plugin allows you to give customers the option to pick an optimal delivery date during the checkout process. Giving your customers the option to pick their delivery date reduces cart abandonment by 50%. This also allows you to plan and make promises to customers within what your business is capable of. So you can block out holidays and set time minimums so customers get a perfect time estimate that you can meet. With an addon, you can set up an automated email to be sent the day after their selected delivery prompting a rating and feedback to be displayed on the product page.

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8. WooCommerce Direct Checkout.

With this plugin, you can add a direct checkout option to product pages and product browsing to eliminate a few steps for customers who want to buy now. You can disable the direct checkout option for specific products and add a “keep shopping” button to after direct checkout to simplify the process. Allowing users to go straight to checkout can help decrease shopping cart abandonment rates and adds a layer of convenience like Amazon.

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9. YITH Quick View and Compare.

YITH plugins for Quick View and Compare add a really professional look to your e-Commerce site. With Quick View, you can allow customers to quickly preview products in a convenient popup on your shop page so they don’t have to be redirected to another page to see the product. From this preview, they can add the product to their cart, creating a flawless shopping experience. With Compare, you can enable comparisons between products. Customers can save products in one tab and compare their features in one page. Both of these give your customers an easy way to make decisions and move through the buyer process quickly.

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10. Advanced Free Shipping.

Free shipping is an expected perk of online shoppers and can drastically increase conversion rates if you’re not already offering it. The Advanced Free Shipping plugin allows you to set requirements for free shipping like location and cart total minimums (plus many more) and work free shipping in when customers qualify. Advanced Free Shipping helps make sure you can cover the cost of free shipping by allowing you to factor in package/item weight, set up shipping zones, and shipping class so you can effortless offer this perk to customers.

eCommerce plugins

There are many factors that go into creating an enjoyable shopping experience for customers and any factor could make or break your customers’ experience. Use the plugins above to make closing sales, increasing conversions, and marketing your products on your site easy and automated. Try Beamer on your e-Commerce site to better communicate customers and see 10x more engagement.