The world is changing, and social media is taking over. Gone are the days when you could only rely on billboards and posters to market your business and boost sales. Today, if you want your brand to keep up with the competition you need to tap into the client rich resource that is social media.

One of the ways to do this is with well formatted informative and captivating videos. The questions then become, how do I make a video that will actually drive people towards my product?, and how do I make a viral video that will boost sales for my business? Here are a few ways that you can create your videos to ensure that it not only advertises your brand but also drives sales your way.

1. Custom Make the Video to The Audience

If you want a video to be effective, don’t come unprepared. Making a video requires that you know who your target audience is. Not having a goal will results in a confusing video that does little for you in terms of promoting sales.

Yes, the video will be viewed by hundreds, maybe even thousands of people, but not all of them will benefit from the content. You need to ensure that the video is geared towards attracting an audience that will benefit from watching the video, and understand what it is proposing.

If it’s targeting new customers, employees, or even investors, make sure that it is made with them in mind. This will ensure that it drives sales from the right kind of people.

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2. Let Your Creative Juices Flow

A little creativity never hurt nobody. Making a video is not enough, you need to make a video that will persuade people to go with your brand and ignore your competitors. This is where your creativity comes in handy. Get as creative as possible without overdoing it. Let the viewers of your video be taken on a journey.

How good the journey is will be the determining factor in the number of sales that the video can pull in. You need a video that will present your brand and product(s) in the best possible light while persuading people to spend their hard-earned money. If the video can bring your products and services to life, then it is guaranteed to drive a sales.

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3. Humor is The Missing Link

A good video finds the perfect balance between professionalism and humor. Making it too professional  could make the audience bored, making them miss the point of the video. Likewise, too much humor will indicate a lack of seriousness and could alienate a certain demographic from your products and services.

For your video to drive sales, you need to look at it like a good stew. A little seasoning of humor could give it the right kind of taste and make it irresistible. With the right amount, your video will be cemented in the minds of the audience.

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4. Never Forget The ‘Call to Action’

Your video is good, maybe even perfect. It hits all the points, presenting the product/service in a way that anyone can understand. It targets the right audience and has just the right amount of humor.

However, it is not pulling in any sales. If this is something you’re all to familiar with, it could be that you forgot one important point. The call to action (CTA). Your video needs to tell the audience why they need to consider purchasing what is being advertised.

This can simply be done by explaining how the product can change the life of the consumer for the better. A shoe commercial sells you style. Red Bull gives you wings. A CTA needs to be present in your video if you intend to drive sales. Let the audience understand how they will live better, more efficient, more convenient lives with your products or services in it. This will help tip the scales in your favor.

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5. Distance yourself from the script

For any video to be effective, each person that views it needs to feel like the video was made for them. It’s what makes cosmetic and beauty product ads so successful. They are made to hit a personal point of view. Every person watching the video feels like the product was made specifically for their skin. It makes them feel like they not only want to buy the product but also need to.

This is what you need to strive for in your video content. The only way to achieve this is to avoid reading from a script. If a viewer feels like a video is impersonal, there is a high chance that they will not spend their money on any of your products or services.

Get the right talking points and the relevant information to go with it. Then you can simply speak from the heart, staying on topic. A personal touch resonates better with the audience. Creating a connection to the audience is the best way to drive up sales using a video.

The Principles

Whenever you are making content, always remember to follow the principle of KISS

  • Keep
  • It
  • Simple,
  • Stupid!

Make your videos short, simple and to the point. You don’t want people to miss the point, or get confused along the way, or leave before the video gets the message across.  Make your videos as simple as possible. With these principles in mind, your video is guaranteed to be a sure hit. Once your brand goes viral, there is no stopping it.