In this world of Digitalization, where most of us are online. Through the internet, the traditional era of marketing has been changed to two way communication. Also, it has two way approach.

When it comes to SEO and old blog posts, everyone likes win-win situation. We often looking for ways to get more traffic through our blog post.

Being a blogger, you always want to get good reader views. You work so hard to receive desired result from your blog posts.

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How to Relaunch your Old Blog Posts:

You’ve written many blogs in the past couple of years and these blogs have still not get any viewership. So, what you will do?

Most of us don’t think much on old blog posts and continue to write new blog posts at scheduled time. And that’s common for everyone.

Have you ever think about to relaunch your old blog post?

Wondering, how?

By considering this article you will get an idea to drive desired traffic through your old blog post.

Typically, we all just write the blogs and don’t think much on it and move onto creating our next one. Right? This is what we all do.

If it is, you don’t make any effort on your blog and its posts that simply don’t rank and don’t drive any traffic. Also, this affects your SEO strategy and it does not perform well.

So, what you will do to have better SEO rankings? If you want to increase organic traffic, kindly go back over those old posts that don’t rank well or drive any search traffic, and relaunch them!

You wouldn’t go back over all of them, but you should at least have a look and consider if some are worth being renewed or some can be relaunch again.

However, you were told that Google loves fresh content. Don’t worry there are many ways to relaunch your old content as a fresh.

According to one research stated that Google has passed a note in late 2011saying that they were implementing a freshness factor to their algorithm. And after this announcement many bloggers and businessmen have started publishing more and more content with more focus on quantity than quality.

So, What Posts Should You Relaunch?

Firstly, Jump into your Google Analytics account and you just need to identify your content’s search volume and conversion rate.

Make sure that you try to classify each of your blog posts by traffic and conversions.

High Traffic and having High Conversions.

It means that these posts don’t need to be relaunched again. So, you don’t put more focus on them.

High Traffic, but having Low Conversions.

First and foremost thing to find out that why these posts are not converting. So, one of the major reason is that it is totally depending on your objectives.

Sometimes, It may be the case that the traffic is not spending enough time on the page. To confirm this statement, just check your analytics. It will show the CTAs and if that’s the case, you need to work on your headline and starting paragraphs.

However, low conversion may be the case when your content for these posts is just not strong enough to inspire your readers, so there is a chance for you to provide more value to encourage more organic traffic to your old posts.

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Final Words.

After reading this article, you might have understood the problem behind your old posts and its technique to relaunch them. However, you just need to make sure with the content that is going to publish again should be a fresh content.

If you are thinking to relaunch some of your content, you can also make an infographic of the same content and share them on social networking sites. Once you done with relaunching and re-promotion of your old blog posts, just analyse the result for yourself!