SaaS lead generation takes a lot of time and effort. It’s frustrating as a founder and marketing team when you seemingly have a lot of interest but old leads just kind of drop out of your funnel. All is not lost. There’s always good opportunities to re-engage old SaaS leads and bring them back into your sales process. As long as there is an email or a social account, there is a way. 

The more creative you get, the better. There’s no use in spamming old leads with “come back” emails until they unsubscribe. 

Re-engage old SaaS leads has to be like reaching out to an old friend: make it authentic, real, and beneficial and you’ll be rekindled in no time. 

re-engage old SaaS leads

Here are some ideas for re-engaging old SaaS leads:

Introduce new features and updates.

New features and updates are the perfect excuse you need to send that follow up message or email. It looks much less desperate than a “please come back” email. Your product may not have had exactly the features they were looking for before, but now it does! 

Show that you’ve been making some changes and that they may want to come back and take a look. New features are a perfect opportunity to spark old interest. Sending over a very brief email with a description of your new features, maybe a quick video or screenshots and a clear actionable CTA is an easy way to bring old leads back. 

You don’t want it to be overtly sales-y. Your email or message should be simple, informative, and easy to take action on. You should give leads a place to land when they come back that is also interesting and in context. 

Beamer is the perfect place to re-engage old leads with new features and updates. With Beamer, you can add an integrated changelog into your website. You can have it open when old leads come back into your site from your email or messages. 

On your Beamer feed, you can:

  • Share updates for new features 
  • Add photos, videos, GIFs to make them more interesting 
  • Add CTAs to go straight to new features 

re-engage SaaS leads

What’s great about Beamer is that you can segment what users see on their feed by demographic, language, and past behavior to make it more personalized and engaging. You can also have users opt in to web push and email notifications, so bringing them back in the future is even more simple. 

Provide them with interesting, helpful content.

You don’t want to come empty handed back to your old SaaS leads’ inbox. They likely won’t be clicking back to your site anytime soon. 

You want to offer them something that is legitimately helpful for them. Even if leads churn out, if your team creates good quality content that still is supportive of their end goals, they will be much easier to re-engage in the future. 

Content is also a good, natural opportunity to reach out again. Your team should be focused, if not for other reasons like SEO and organic lead generation, creating quality content. Sending old leads curated content for their interests is an easy way to get back in touch. Learn more on how to create SaaS content that converts here. 

SaaS content

Your team can create simple, engaging emails that include:

  • short exciting, content previews
  • CTAs to your blog
  • An offer again of your product

This way, you’re not just bombarding your leads with the same sales offer. You can use Beamer for sharing content as well. If your old leads have opted into push notifications from you, you can send them segmented push notifications for content they would be interested in to bring them back to your site directly. 

Offer a personalized demo with your team.

Sometimes you have to offer something a little more personal. Have your team reach out directly in a very personal, one-on-one style and offer a demo. This is ideal for larger SaaS accounts that generally have a longer sales process. 

Building that rapport and relationship with leads can make a big difference in overall trust of your team. Try a really short, personal email from one of your team members. It can still be automated to save time, but save the fancy design and simply offer to get on the phone with them and show them how your product can help them and what new features you’ve added. 

Include a calendar link to make the next step for both of you easy. If you have a small team, this might be time consuming but worth it if you’re able to steadily bring back business. 

Ask for their feedback.

You can simply ask what went wrong. This is best for those leads that you spent a lot of time with and actually made it far into the sales process with. Like offering a personal demo, you can make this very authentic, honest, and simple. 

Leads will appreciate that kind of communication style. You can have a member of your team (again this can be automated) send a short, quick note asking for any feedback on your product and if there’s anything they’d like to see change to help make your product a better tool. Not only can this get a conversation started again (maybe your premium version has what they’re looking for or you’ve since added a new feature or made a change) but this also allows your team to see where you can improve. Learn more about using feedback to boost SaaS engagement and sales.

“Customer support is an amazing reservoir of insights into what needs to change about the product…We prioritize our roadmap directly based on these insights. This has helped us to evolve our product and release features which we know in advance people will love.” 

— Joel Gascoigne, Founder & CEO of Buffer

Present strong results with a case study.

What better way to entice leads back by showing them what success they’re missing? 

Peer proof is strong in marketing and you can put a few quotes and stats to use in bringing back lost leads. Case studies, like content, are something your team should be working on to strengthen your company’s authority. They’re a strong sales tool and are something that leads look for when learning about your product. Learn more about how to use case studies to show the value of your SaaS here.

On Beamer’s site, we display case studies from different industries to show how our product can be used diversely and make sure we appeal to everyone. 

case study

Within your case study:

  • Use impactful quotes or stats from real clients
  • Segment by industry when you re-engage with case studies. For example, you can send eCommerce leads an example of how an eCommerce site is increasing conversions with your product. The more relevant the better. 
  • Have your case studies in a central place. Have a page for each or have them segmented by industry, etc. 
  • Include logos and photos of real people, if possible. 
  • Include screenshots of your product in action where you can

You can also use Beamer to share new case studies, quotes, and stats. It’s an easy way to show your product’s success and leads coming in will see them on your feed. It makes you look good!

When all else fails, throw in an offer.

There’s always the option to re-engage old leads by offering something monetary. You can send a quick, to the point email and re-invite them to an extended free trial, a discount, credit on a few months of subscription, etc. 

When we first launched Beamer, we reached back out to leads that seemed to sleep away by offering an additional month of Beamer Pro. Not only is it a nice gesture and free value that people are likely to take you up on, but those users get to experience the full power of your product. They can explore all your features and see the full value. Our old leads were more likely to not only come back but also convert to full-paying users. We killed two birds with one stone. 

Don’t let old flames go to waste – rekindle them! Your team spends tons of time and effort bringing leads in, don’t let them slip through the cracks when just one or two messages could result in a lifetime customer. For an easy way to bring leads and users back to your product, try Beamer.