E-commerce is a double-edge sword. Anyone can open an online shop with little to no capital in a few hours with a basic website. However, your customers can also access between 12-24 million other online stores (that’s approximately how many e-commerce pages there are up online. They can leave at any time, price compare, and never pass your shop “window” again. What makes a difference between you and the other 12-24 million other stores is that you grab their attention and communicate you are the best option.

You only have a few seconds; precise automation, data, and user experience are vital to your success. Luckily, we’ve been through and narrowed down which e-commerce tools are the best for turning a little shop page into a converting e-commerce superstore.

These are the 2018 top tools for e-commerce platforms for engaging customers and converting:

A good tool for e-commerce platforms : Beamer

Beamer is a newsfeed that sits within your site so you can catch user attention and drive engagement. Beamer acts as a central place for your users to find new updates and offers from your team within the interface so they are more likely to engage with your site. Let your users know about discounts, new posts on your site, new products, etc. with Beamer. Watch the time spent on pages go up. You can create visual and interactive updates with Beamer by including images, videos and GIFs.

tool for e-commerce

A new feature allows you to segment updates to send to users automatically. You can segment by demographic, language and past interactions with your site. Your customers can share their thoughts on your updates immediately with reactions and comments like on Facebook. You get instant feedback on your announcements. Beamer provides a wealth of data on customer interactions and helps you better communicate with your customers and convert more.


With ecommerce, your best marketing team is your existing customers. Yotpo makes it easier to enlist them. User generated content is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can put to work using Yotpo on your site. Yotpo, installed right into your platform, intelligently asks your customers for reviews and photos. Yotpo turns that information into curated and targeted ads for your potential customers. You don’t need to do any of the work! You get an incredible amount of data well organized and put to use with one simple installation.

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Omnisend helps you capture customer information and reach them from all communication methods in a data driven way. It’s an easy way to create popups, landing pages, signup boxes, etc. that match you site’s interface and integrate well into the shopping experience with plenty of options for segmentation and customization. They also cover everything for sending out curated and focused promotions to the right customers so you can convert without even trying. One of the coolest features is the ability to specifically “reward” customers who come back by making offers based on what they viewed, opened in an email, or almost bought the first time. Omnisend takes what a variety of email marketing tools do and combines them. Your data across your website and emails are working towards similar goals.

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Feedvisor takes over repricing to optimize your sales and convert more customers so you don’t have to worry about it. Feedvisor uses machine learning to price things correctly at the right time for your customers so they are more likely to sell. Not only does Feedvisor use the data it collects from your own site, but it uses market benchmarks from across your industry from their own database. You will not only be able to price compete against yourself but competitors as well to win over your customers while they’re on your page before them look elsewhere. Without a tool like Feedvisor, you could be just a small price adjustment away from raking in tons of sales slipping away while you’re trying to figure out what to change!

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Another tool for e-commerce : Refersion

For those ecommerce sites that are looking to expand their network, this is the perfect tool. Refersion tracks all digital sales your affiliates make and provides you the data you need to understand how your network is expanding. You have the ability to track conversions and clicks to see exactly what the story is from start to finish of your buying process to better make decisions on how to sell more. It also allows you to set up unlimited commission structures so payment is automatically taken care of and you can focus on what’s important to you: your sales. Both you and your affiliates will stay in the know with automatic approvals and reports so you can both continue to benefit.

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With tools like the ones listed above, it’s easy for even the smallest team to create an international store and run it flawlessly. Utilizing e-commerce tools it the key to competing with the millions of other stores up online and nurturing loyal customer relationships. To better engage your website visitors, try Beamer on your e-commerce site today.