Do you and your team spend hours every week putting together update, newsletter, and marketing emails? What kind of response do you get?

Email marketing is the default method of reaching leads or customers to try to build long term relationships and convert, but it’s losing its power and, simply, users get over email. It can be frustrating but if you look at your own email habits, it’s clear as to why. In your own inbox right now, there’s probably 10-15 emails that you’ll ignore or move to the trash and if you open your spam folder, you’ll see plenty from companies that your email provider has decided are trash. 20% open rates and less than 10% click through rates really isn’t that effective when you look at it (and those are generous numbers). Even with personalized and automated email marketing tools, it’s not a huge return for the amount of work it requires to keep up on emails.

Luckily, there are other methods for getting and keeping in touch with leads and customers that are more effective and in context than email. Beamer is an in-app or site announcement platform that allows you to send updates to leads and customers directly on your site.

Here are a few reasons why Beamer is a more effective and easy alternative to email marketing:

Use Beamer to avoid the spam folder problem.

Like mentioned previously, there are a ton of ways that your emails can end up in the spam folder on any number of email providers. And even if it makes it past a spam filter, it may only be opened by only 10-20% of your customers or leads. Anything can set off a spam filter like links, photos, videos, attachments, etc. All of which you want to include in your message to make it engaging and effective. When you create an update on Beamer, users read it directly within your website or app so there is no fear of it not reaching them and they are much more likely to open it. The best part is you can include as many photos, videos, and links as you want without any penalties.

alternative to email marketing

Target user groups with Beamer updates like email.

Personalized and segmented email marketing has been a key focus of marketing teams over the last few years. It can be very effective but it takes a lot of time to keep it running properly. It’s a lot of effort especially when those emails don’t have a good chance of being opened or read through no matter how much you segment and personalize. With Beamer you can create updates to returning and reach brand new users with specific content. You can set your updates to be posted for segmented by users’ language, demographics, location, and past behavior on your site. It much more efficient. Once you create your updates and segment them for target user groups, you can set them live and forget about it. They will reach users as they visit. You don’t have to worry about open rates or replies.

alternative to email marketing

Engage users better with Beamer.

Even if you do get people to open up and read your email, there are a few problems that don’t get you the engagement results you want. There is little you can do visually or with your CTAs without ending up in the spam folder. Additionally, engagement from emails requires that users are willing and have time to click through to your site. Beamer is a faster, more interactive messaging system compared to email. Your Beamer update in a feed on your site is much more “in context” than a random email. With Beamer, all users have to do is click a “What’s New” tab in your navigation or an icon right within your website’s interface to open up the feed and see all your updates. Your message is much more ‘in context’ than in an email and you’re catching users where they are most likely to engage with it. Already being on your site, new and returning uses are much more likely to click through to explore what’s new.

alternative to email marketing

Beamer is much cheaper than most email marketing tools.

Most email marketing tools are billed on a monthly basis that increases depending on the number of users you have. Your users are likely to increase really quickly, you hope. So these tools can get very expensive, very fast. For example, for all the functionality of Mailchimp with between 5 and 10,000 users (which is very achievable for a growing company), you’re paying around $275 a month. Beamer is a flat price of just $49 a month for any amount of users and all functionality.

You may want to consider a brand new effective way of communicating and engaging with users than traditional email marketing to stay ahead of the curve and save time and money. Try Beamer as an alternative to email marketing in updating all your users and boosting engagement on your site.