Your WordPress website is comparable to a car; it comes pretty standard and you can make design changes here and there but a big part of the success comes with the functionality. Just like a car, you can make updates and add new features to upgrade your performance. WordPress plugins are the features and upgrades you can pick and literally plugin to your site to help you do just about anything.

Some of the most effective sites use plugins to optimize and automate functions like marketing and SEO.

Hundreds of thousands of websites sell and market real products and services with plugins on WordPress.

Here’s our list of the best 10 WordPress plugins in 2018:


OptinMonster is the perfect plugin for retargeting users in personalized ways to get them signed up with you. You have little time to engage with someone on your site, so it’s important you get their information. OptinMonster helps you build engaging and well timed popups and offers specified to user behavior to help you get user information. For instance, you can use OptinMonster to add a pop up that appears when users are about to leave your site with a special offer in exchange for email!

top 10 WordPress plugins OptinMonster


WPforms is a super easy to use form builder so you can better collect information from your site visitors. It’s almost entirely drag and drop with many ways to customize to match your site design for an overall clean look. There are a ton of integrations to work with as well so you can share data across your most used tools like email management platforms, etc.

top 10 WordPress plugins WPforms


The Beamer WordPress plugin puts a integrated newsfeed into the interface of your site where you can update users on absolutely anything. All users have to do is click a “What’s New” tab in your navigation or a small icon in your interface to open up the feed as a sidebar. You can create engaging and eye catching updates with photos, videos, GIFs, and CTA buttons. Users can interact with your newsfeed by sharing their reactions and comments like a Facebook feed. You can send targeted notifications to certain user groups for a more personalized, relevant user experience with little effort. You can also enable push notifications to reach users off your WordPress site with new updates. Beamer is the best plugin for boosting engagement to your site.

WordPress plugins 2018


YoastSEO takes care of all of the little technical details that are necessary for improving SEO but you don’t have time to take care of. YoastSEO helps you optimize each and every post so your content efforts are as effective as possible. It helps you add metadata to your content, check your readability, manage keywords, and improve structure to optimize your content. It’s a must for anyone looking to build organic traffic and rank on Google, especially for content-heavy sites like blogs.

top 10 WordPress plugins YoastSEO


Any content on your site is most effective when shared off your site by users! You want to make that as easy as possible with Sharebar. Sharebar is a plugin that allows you to add a bar of social sharing buttons to any post or part of your site to make it easy for users who like your content to share it with others. There are plenty of ways to customize your sharebars to do what you want and what matches your users’ interests.

top 10 WordPress plugins Sharebar

WP Total Cache.

Site speed is extremely important for SEO purposes. Site speed can actually be a pretty complex issue to fix. There are a lot of backend, technical steps that have to be taken to manage it manually and if you’re not a developer, that’s a potential nightmare. WP Total Cache is a really easy way to take care of those technical parts that take a lot of time and are possibly problematic for your site if you don’t know what you’re doing. This plugin asks you to just arrange a few settings and it takes care of the rest for you.

top 10 WordPress plugins WP Total Cache


The goal of most website is to be monetized at one point or another. There are 1.3 million e-commerce sites in the US and Canada alone. With that many options, it’s vital you do everything you can to make your site beautiful, seamless, and the whole shopping process well integrated into your website. WooCommerce helps you design a beautiful shopping experience from shop pages, product pages, all the way through shopping cart and checkout options. It’s a must for anyone building a shop on a WordPress site. It’s the most used WordPress ecommerce shop plugin and has integrations to work with many other marketing and sales tools you will likely want to use to turn your site into a sales converting machine.

top 10 WordPress plugins WooCommerce


SmartCrawl is another really important SEO plugin that can do a lot of the heavy work while you sit back. SEO technical work like creating and sending your updated sitemaps, linking keywords, and adding descriptions and titles to better index your content is really detailed and time consuming. SmartCrawl automates some of these tasks and makes it easy for you to quickly add custom titles and meta data to get better visibility for your pages. It’s a very simple, minute install that can help your site gain authority in the long run.

top 10 WordPress plugins SmartCrawl


If you’re actively advertising your website, you probably understand the importance of your landing pages. Thrive is a plugin that makes creating and managing landing pages incredibly easy for anyone on your team. You don’t need to be a designer to create beautiful and effective landing pages. Thrive is a simple builder to help you put together landing pages that match your quickly but also has a great degree of customization. Thrive provides tons of templates of effective landing pages anyone on your team can easily customize and put to work.

top 10 WordPress plugins Thrive

WP Review.

Peer to peer feedback is one of your strongest marketing tools. WP Review helps you take advantage of that by helping you create easy to interpret reviews to better promote your products and content. You can gather user sentiment on almost anything to leverage and help influence other visitors to your site. This isn’t for products only, but pages and posts as well! This plugin also allows the review to be shown on search engine results; the higher your reviews, the more engagement!

top 10 WordPress plugins WP Review


Adding these plugins to your WordPress site will give it a new professional feel and functionality you need to reach a new level of performance. For more on boosting engagement with those who visit your site, try the Beamer WordPress plugin on your website today.