Digital products that seem to break the secret code of user retention and build strong relationships and loyalty with users are destined for exponential growth. Even when there seems to be a large amount of substitutes and competitors, companies like Hubspot and Dropbox seem to thrive. Many of these companies began in a David vs Goliath type battle to the top against massive competitors and won. Probably the most famous example of that is Gmail vs. Hotmail. So why do these companies win their way into users routines and others don’t? The ability to communicate and learn from users properly is a big factor in their success.

What are some easy ways you can optimize your product to increase user retention? Keep reading.

Make your product communal for better user retention rate:

FOMO (fear of missing out) is the secret ingredient behind some of the most static and successful products: Facebook, Instagram, chat platforms, etc. This concept can be applied differently to all types of products. We’re communal by nature and adding a socializing element to any app makes it more interactive and has more perceived value to the user. Think about Venmo’s public display showing who’s paying who for what. It’s just a payment app but that one simple feature makes it a source of community and entertainment. People suddenly like to watch their friends pay for things. Adding a communal element makes users want to come back and spend more time on your website or app.

make your product comunal for better user retention

Make giving feedback intuitive:

Customer feedback, especially in the early stages of your product, is vital to making the right decisions that will lead to long term users and growth. Take all opportunities to collect data on your customers’ wants and needs. It can be difficult to collect feedback; customers normally aren’t really jumping to fill out surveys. There are other, more simple ways to collect data on user sentiments towards your product. Using Beamer, you can make announcements and introduce new updates or features directly in app and then allow users to leave Feedback and Reactions. It’s a really intuitive way for users to interact with your company right within your app. You can also see which users clicked on your updates in Beamer’s analytics to judge user sentiment and come up with a strategy to increase user retention.

feedback leads for better user retention rate

Clearly show how you are responding to feedback for better user retention rate:

If you want users to stick with you for the long run then make their needs feel like they are a priority to you and your team. Be quickly responsive to their feedback or they will look for another solution elsewhere. Users want to see an evolving product that has a lot more on the way to offer. Do this by communicating with users in an effective way about new updates and features. Use Beamer to share news directly within your user interface. Users will have a central place to check up on what’s new and see your product evolve. Beamer is much more effective than emails or push notifications which get a much lower open and click rates.

user retention analytics

Increase user retention rate with customization:

When users are able to personalize something for themselves or their company, they feel more connected to a product and take more ownership over their account. Think about how important social profiles are. Even if your product isn’t necessarily in that realm, adding options for personalization are great for getting users familiar and connected to your product for better user retention. Products like Flipboard and Pinterest make personalization a part of the onboarding process by having users follow and disclose their favorite topics and interests. It could be something as simple as uploading a profile photo and a bio.


Make sure your onboarding process shortens the learning curve:

A big reason products lose users is because they just don’t get it. If you product’s offering is unique and your interface is somewhat new for most users, your explanation during the onboarding process and beyond as you make changes is vital to success. Make training the focus of onboarding rather than leaving the learning up to “exploration” and hoping users figure it out. You can create a learning onboarding experience through in-app or on-site communication methods like messaging, chat bots, or tutorials. If you are continually making changes and adding features that may not be common sense, using Beamer to visually explain new updates and features right within the interface can make a big difference in user retention.

User retention is what the success of your product is determinate on. There are so many factors that can go into increasing user retention, creating the situation can be very trial and error. Try the tips mentioned above for a jump start on increasing user retention and user engagement. And don’t forget to try Beamer with your team for 10x more user engagement.