Push notifications are one of the most effective ways to re-engage inactive users and to alert users of special sales or product updates. Push notifications typically have a much higher open rate than other traditional channels like email and allow you to immediately engage with your users.

Beamer’s Pro plan includes push notifications to help you improve how you communicate with your users even more. With web push notifications, your users can receive a notification on their desktop whenever you publish a new post to the Beamer newsfeed in your site or product interface. This means users no longer need to have your site open or be logged in to get notified about your latest news and updates.

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How to send push notifications to your users:

Draw users back in with exciting updates and news.

One of the hardest parts of boosting user retention and creating long term user loyalty is bringing inactive users back to your product or site. We know you’re actively improving your product. Letting users know about all your improvements in an effective way is key! With Beamer web push notifications, you can reach that inactive users that have not been to your site or logged in even for a while. Users are much more likely to come back and engage with your product with web push notifications. Sending push notifications can increase user retention at 90 days (where most users falls off) by 3- 10x. Additionally about 20% of unique, completely new visitors to your site will opt-in. Use push notifications to bring back inactive users and reduce churn.

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More effective and simple than email.

The average percentage of unique users that will give you their email and opt in to email lists upon visiting your site is about 5%. That’s not a lot. About 20% of unique, completely new visitors to your site will opt-in to web push notifications and they engage more than with email updates. Push notification campaigns are also much easier to create than email marketing campaigns. You don’t have to manage lists, drafts, and campaigns all you have to do is set your important Beamer updates live and users who have opted in will automatically get your updates no matter where they are online. Push notifications in Beamer are automatically created from the posts you publish, saving time and effort.

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Eliminate the steps back to your site or product.

One of the greatest benefits is that you eliminate the steps users have to take to go back to your site or product. If you send them an email update, they have to open the email, which is highly unlikely, read through, and click to your site to explore whatever’s new. With a web push notification, they can simply click from their desktop and be back at your site or product engaging immediately. This is particularly beneficial for e-Commerce sites where web push notifications used for retargeting for abandon carts, etc converts at a rate of over 20%.

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Alert users of special sales or product updates.

One of the best uses for push notifications to alert users of special sales or discounts. By pushing notifications directly to your users’ desktops instead of getting buried in their email inbox or spam you can engage them right away. Click through rates are significantly higher and a great percentage of clicks end up making a purchase. Push notifications are also a great way to make sure your users know about any product updates or new features you have released. Users are much more likely to try out new features and will be more aware of all the improvements you are creating, making them less likely to churn.

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How use push notifications on Beamer.

The first step is to activate push notifications from Settings. Then you need to enable push notifications and choose where you want the opt-in prompt to appear – either on the sidebar or as a popup dialog on the center of your page. This prompt will be shown to all new users for them to accept. Once this is done you have the option to customize the opt-in prompt with your own text and logo. Finally you can choose what url you would like users to be directed to when they click (by default users will be sent to your newsfeed standalone page).

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The web push notification will be created automatically from the post you publish including the title, image and text preview. Then just make sure that push notifications are enabled for the specific post you are publishing.

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And voilá – your push notification will be automatically sent to all opted-in users as soon as you publish your post. Just that easy.

Try activating Beamer push notifications today and watch user engagement and retention skyrocket! If you don’t have Beamer yet, you can install it for free and in minutes today.