Off of a social media platform, it’s quite difficult to get repeat visitors to a website in general. Social media is a really used as a central hub for many brands, companies, and individuals to have a continual conversation with their target audiences. Having a strong social media presence and engagement is great. But with social media it’s really difficult to get people back to your site and engaging with what you really want them to: your content, your products, etc. to build up an authoritative domain and brand outside of Instagram or Facebook.

This is a difficult struggle many brands face. The solution doesn’t have to be so difficult. A super easy way many have improved their website’s following and engagement is a push notification widget. Push notifications, unlike email, have a much higher opt in rate of 53.3%. Can you imagine if you could reach and convert over 50% of the visitors who come to your site again? It truly allows you to create a following of repeat visitors you wouldn’t have any other way.

push notification widget

Here’s how to use a push notification widget to build a following:

Set the notification for your push notification widget to appear for visitors soon but not too soon.

You want new visitors to opt in, but if you ask too soon, they will likely not opt in. Make sure to give ample time for visitors to take a look at your site to ask them if they want to opt in to your push notifications. A 75% of the page scrolls or between 7-8 seconds is usually a decent time for someone to understand what your site is about and what to expect.

push notification widget

Make your CTA for opting in inviting, descriptive, and easy to say “yes” to.

Don’t just leave your popup as “Opt in for push notifications?”. Many visitors will not even know what you’re talking about and it doesn’t communicate any value. When you ask for a visitor to opt in, create an offer that is too good to deny. Let visitors know that you will be sending them important, helpful information or valuable offers regularly. To make it even more enticing, mention these are exclusive. You have one shot to get their approval so you want to make sure they take the opportunity now. Some examples are “Receive the latest news from us directly.” or “Get exclusive new deals sent directly to you.”

push notification widget

Show how your site is ever changing with a newsfeed of updates synced with your notifications.

To show visitors how interactive and dynamic your site is, add a newsfeed with regular updates. It makes it more clear what type of updates they can expect to get from opting into your push notifications when you ask. It’s like when someone chooses to turn on notifications for an Instagram feed; they opted in to get updates because they were interested in the content available! You can create the same effect by adding a newsfeed to your website. Beamer is a really easy to use newsfeed and notification center plugin. With Beamer, users can click a “What’s New” tab in your navigation or an icon in the interface to open up a newsfeed in the sidebar of any page your site. You can share updates for anything here and use photos, videos, and GIFs to make them more engaging. This way, any page visitors come in on becomes a landing page with interesting content and updates. It makes your push notification request much more in context. This is perfect for ever-changing SaaS products. You can send push notifications whenever you release a new update or a new feature with more information in the Beamer feed on your site for your users.

Beamer has a push notification setting that allows you to ask users to opt in and then automatically sends users push notifications generated from your updates so they work is taken care of for you and your feed aligns with your notifications.

Be selective about how many and what type of push notifications you send.

As with all notifications, there can always be “too much”. Keep push notifications to a reasonable amount. When you do send them, make sure it is for something really of value and not just a very small, casual update. Avoid sending push notifications for every little piece of news, addition, change, etc. that happens on your site. This is a good way to get followers to change their settings and lose favor with your whole brand. They’re interested in the helpful and interesting content, etc. If your site is an eCommerce site, only send push notifications for great, exclusive deals and the most anticipated new products. If you’re a blog or content site, send your top performing content. The more of a rarity they are and the more value you provide, the more intrigued your followers will be.

push notification widget

Always use actionable CTAs with your push notification widget.

You want to have somewhere and something for visitors to explore when they click on one of your push notifications. If it just drops them off at your website or a page, they kind of need to figure it out on their own. There’s a few different things you can do. You can use Unbounce to quickly create unique landing pages for specific notifications to increase engagement when users actually click through to your site. This is a great idea is you’re offering a sale on an eCommerce site. You can create a landing page of just the sale items so your followers don’t have to scroll through your whole shop. You can also use Beamer to give users a whole feed of more detailed updates to explore. This way, they can scroll through the update they click the notification for as well as plenty others.

push notification widget

Push notifications are the best way to keep return traffic coming to your site and building a following away from your social pages and where you actually want your followers to be interacting with your brand. Use these tips above to maximize the potential of push notifications and keep followers updated and enthusiastic about your site. For an easy to update followers on and off your site, try Beamer on your site today.