“Nothing works better than just improving your product.” 

–  Joel Spolsky, co-founder of Stack Overflow.

No one knows this better than a software company. But what if your users don’t know just how much you’re improving?

Let me tell you a story about improving user engagement; maybe you’ll relate:

We had an idea for a collaboration platform called Hibox and built a solid product to initially launch. We were extremely happy with our initial version, but like all good product makers we wanted to iterate fast based on user feedback and keep improving. So we listened to our first users’ feedback, created the new features they needed, built the right integrations, made it faster and eliminated bugs. As most companies typically do, we sent out email newsletters to notify users of the changes and improvements, but we simply didn’t get the results we wanted.

Our emails had low open rates and even less actually clicked to look at the improvements we knew our users would love. We also tried using a popular in-app chat platform, but users are so over inundated with chats these days that most were again ignored.

No matter how brilliant, that first product you first roll out is never the same product next week, a month from now, and most certainly not a year from now. As many frustrated project managers know, not all your users are going to realize that. Often times, your users miss key advancements that help secure their loyalty and keep their engagement.

Even though you may be working hard at monitoring user feedback, determining what they really want, and building new features, they rarely notice new features and improvements like your dev team imagined.

It feels like the only people celebrating a new feature your team has worked hard to implement, unless you’re a unicorn and everything you do is announced by Techcrunch, is…your team. Team enthusiasm is nice but it’s doesn’t equal money like user enthusiasm.

So now what? There is no central place within your product to let your users know about your hard work and how it benefits them.

We decided, for our team and many more, this needed to change:

We built Beamer to announce new features to our users in one central place they could easily find and be as excited as our dev team about the latest improvements to Hibox.

Beamer is an easy way to notify your users — directly on your app — about new features, improvements and news.

We offer changelog as a service so it’s super easy to get up and running on your site or app, no code required. Your customers won’t ever miss any new features or improvements of your product again. You can customize Beamer’s look and feel to match your UI as well, so the changelog will fit seamlessly into your app.

Beamer widget animated example

Companies using Beamer have gotten up to 10x more user engagement in the first month. It’s an effortless way to keep your current users happy and enthusiastic about your product which you need to continue to grow. It’s just a one time setup by pasting Beamer’s script and you’re able to announce new features within your platform, no tech skills required.


Improve user engagement with visual announcements

With Beamer, you can include photos, GIFs, videos in your announcements and preview them to make sure they’re perfect before sending. Anyone on your team can easily create engaging announcements while saving tons of time.

announcement gifs

Like many startups, we’ve got a big diverse team and we’re thinking global. We’ve included a few features that we know you’ll appreciate too. You can invite your team to join Beamer and delegate the work among multiple users.

Also, use multi language support to target your users based on language and then literally speak their language when talking new features.

multiple language announcements

Get more in-depth analytics to help improve user engagement

Not only will Beamer help your users out, but you’ll get to learn a lot more about how they engage with your product, how they react to new features, and what’s working and what’s not to improve on your future strategy. You can never have enough data and Beamer will show you a whole new side of user engagement.

Right off the bat, we’ve been quite happy with our own product, naturally, but so have others with goals like ours. Wormhole has seen a 30% increase in user engagement for newly launched features since each update. Now their communication with their users is clear and understood.

Most importantly, their users, know they’re working to improve their experience. Beamer makes your users feel like part of the evolution of your product with a central place to watch all the exciting improvements happen. They will want to stay onboard to see what you and your team will come up with next and you get feedback from them to help guide successful growth.

Turn your current users into your biggest enthusiasts. Start the two-way conversation with your users and get them involved with the exciting progression of your project by installing Beamer today.