Pushcrew is a popular option for pushing notification to users via desktop or mobile when you make announcements and to retain and boost engagement. Push notifications are quickly becoming a popular option for communicating with users while they’re off your site.

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Email used to be the best way to communicate with users and potential leads after they left your site. Though still the primary way most are used to, email is losing effectivity. You’re lucky to get an open rate of 10-15% for an update email and even fewer click throughs. That’s not a ton of engagement for the amount of work! Push notifications are offering a more effective, direct way to engage with users and bring them back to your site.

Beamer is the best alternative to Pushcrew, boosting engagement further and with more functionality:

Engage users on your site with Beamer.

Beamer is simple, intuitive newsfeed you can install on your website or app that acts as a central place to make announcements to users, new and returning. With Pushcrew, only users that have visited your site and opted in get your new updates. Beamer is a permanent, rolling changelog that any user, brand new or returning, can easily find. Beamer blends right into the interface of your website or app. All users have to do is click the “What’s new” tab on the navigation or an icon in your interface and a sidebar stream discreetly opens no matter what page they’re on. With Pushcrew, once people click on an update, that’s it! There is no place to see all updates and catch up on all updates and unless they’re opted in that one time, they will never see your updates. You’re missing a huge audience and opportunity to draw users back in with your improvements and news.

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Encourage engagement across your site with visual updates.

Beamer updates can be more visual than just push notifications. You can add screenshots, photos, videos, GIFs, and CTAs to capture attention and encourage engagement. You can add a ton more information and instruction on how to use new features or what changes you’ve made with an update. The feed is interactive and can be scrolled through on any page without leaving that page so users can explore and click through multiple updates rather than just one push notification.

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Create push notifications for all of your Beamer updates.

You can even create push notifications for your Beamer updates so you do draw users back to your site even when they’re not on it. You can set it up so that every time you create a Beamer update, you can send a push notification of an automatically generated message that matches your update. Users that have come to your site and opted in will get your push notifications. Once clicked, it will bring them to the site and open up the Beamer feed where you can display your full update, more information, photos, CTAs, etc to encourage immediate engagement. It’s more effective than dead end push notifications.

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Sync your messages across all social platforms with integrations for Beamer.

With Beamer, you can simply the process for notifying users of your updates, new features, news, etc across all social platforms and even email by taking advantage of integrations. By using Zapier with Beamer, you can create “zaps” to link Beamer with Facebook, Twitter, email management tools like MailChimp, and almost anything else. You can easily configure it to where whenever you post an update to Beamer, it is automatically sent out across all your social platforms and via email even to simplify the amount of work you need to do to keep users updated! Really, all you need to update is Beamer.

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Collect important user feedback intuitively.

Unlike Pushcrew notifications, users can actually interact and leave feedback on Beamer updates. The Beamer feed is really familiar and intuitive like a Facebook feed. Users can leave comments and “reactions” just like Facebook. You get direct and immediate feedback on how users feel about your updates and changes without having to decode open and click through rates which could have to do with a ton of other factors. You can also comment back to create two way conversation between you and your customer base. Beamer Analytics display a ton more useful data on how users interact with your site your team can take advantage of.

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If you’re interested in reaching users in the most effective way, boosting user engagement, and collecting insightful data for less than other tools, try Beamer free on your site or in your app with a a simple install.