Thinking of how your SaaS company can excel? Great news! We’ve done all the research around the top tools, new and improved, that are guaranteed to help your team streamline, collaborate, and execute with ease. We’ve organized this list by improving user engagement, learning from customer feedback, marketing, sales, billing and finances, and internal communications.

Implementing just a few of these will give your team a 360 overhaul for a great start to the new year.

Improve your user engagement:

1. Optimizely.

Optimizely helps you A/B test just about any element on your website. Optimizely will run different, headlines, colors, images, CTAs, content, and more on your homepage. You can actively test and improve your website’s interface automatically. You can check data and results from a clear concise dashboard. Optimizely will help you determine what are the most successful creative combinations on your website and automatically make sure your most effective versions are up and converting for you!

2. Beamer.

Beamer in an in-app or on-site newsfeed that allows you to create updates for anything in a way that increases engagement on your site. When someone visits your site, they can click on a “What’s New” tab in the navigation or an icon in the interface to open up a news feed in a discreet sidebar that blends in with the interface. It’s the best way to update customers and potential customers on anything: new features, deals, new content, news, etc. SaaS sites using Beamer have seen 10x more engagement from users. You can also enable push notifications to bring users back to your site when you make improvements.

Top tools for SaaS

Learn from customer feedback:

3. Hotjar.

Use Hotjar to find out how well your website is performing and where you can improve. From the “inside” it’s difficult to tell where your site’s friction points are. Hotjar gives you access to heat maps and recorded screen videos of users interacting with your website so you can determine the areas that need improvement to increase conversions and keep users moving towards the sales process. You can also learn where in your app or product users get confused or disengaged so you can improve your churn rate!

Top tools for SaaS

4. Typeform.

Typeform helps you create dynamic and integrated surveys and other ways to collect user data to give you a complete view of how users feel about your product. You can create surveys, quizzes, rating scales, and contact forms to collect the info you need with really clean, intuitive, and native-looking design. There are plenty of integrations for tools like Mailchimp to collect contact info so you can continue to engage users. You and your team can explore user data from a complete, organized dashboard.

5. Jotform Survey Maker.

Jotform Survey Maker is a free online tool that can help you gain deep insights into your users. Use their app integrations to take your surveys to the next level by setting up appointments, syncing form submissions to 3rd party apps, and uploading your data to the cloud. Automate your approval process instantly with approval templates. Collect payments for courses, with different payment gateways and create invoices. Once you create your unique survey using custom conditional logic, embed it in your website or share it with just a link.

Billing and finances:

6. Profitwell.

Profitwell helps you create a control dashboard of all your top growth and sales metrics specifically for SaaS. Your team can set goals and get updates weekly and monthly of where you are in relation to your goals across various metrics. Profitwell helps make data clear to show you why you’re growing or why not so you can make quick decisions. It’s particularly good for discovering whether your pricing strategy is effective or not, a contentious point for many SaaS companies.

Top tools for SaaS

7. Chargify.

For monthly subscription based pricing specifically for SaaS, Chargify is a must. Chargify helps you automate billing and find the best pricing to maximize revenue with Elastic Billing. You can launch, experiment, and personalize offers. Chargify helps you manage billing for all pricing models: fixed price, metered-usage, quantity based, trials, and hybrid combinations. For SaaS, global customers are the norm and you need a simple way to manage global pricing, currencies, and billing like Chargify while also experimenting to maximize revenue.

Kill it at customer support:

8. Freshdesk.

Freshdesk is another awesome customer service platform that allows you to manage tickets and team inboxes to collaborate to provide excellent support. Freshdesk allows you to create a database of canned responses to speed up your team’s ability to help users experiencing the same problems. Along with email, chat, and phone support, you can loop in social media to help tackle user concerns and questions on your social pages as well.

Top tools for SaaS

9. Helpjuice.

Helpjuice is a platform that helps you quickly and professional create a knowledge base for your users to reference at anytime on their own. It can be expensive and time consuming to develop a dynamic and simple to navigate help center with all the info your users need to figure out your product on their own. Helpjuice makes it really simple to build one that looks native by dashboard for customizing categories and content sections to create a knowledge base with awesome search tools to make finding the answers easy for users. Your team can track activity to determine where you’re lacking in support and info for users.

Stellar marketing:

10. Postcron.

Postcron is a really easy way to schedule posts across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest all in one place. You and your team can manage multiple accounts across multiple platforms. Postcron allows you to automatically brand you posts with logos for consistency. You can schedule up to 1000 posts and tweets automatically from excel or Drive files. Your team can collaborate and plan way ahead of time, schedule, and not worry about it!

11. AdRoll.

AdRoll is the ultimate ad retargeting tool that helps you get your brand in front of interested users that have already explored your brand to get them to a point of conversion. AdRoll helps you put ads in places where your target audience will see them and then “retarget” that audience on various websites and platforms to get them back to your site and converting to your product. AdRoll also helps you experiment with CTAs and offers to better determine what offers get your target users to take action.

tools increase sales e-Commerce

12. Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark is an all-in-one tool to create graphics, web pages, and videos for outstanding marketing material. Your team can collaborate on Spark to put together graphics quickly for social media campaigns and ads. You can redesign elements on your webpage and create visual elements to better sell your product. You can also create videos which increase engagement on pages by 220%.

13. AdStage.

AdStage brings all your advertising data from all your campaigns together into one place so your team can quickly visualize, analyze and optimize your ads. AdStage helps you connect data to your conversions and understand what is working and what isn’t across various channels so you can streamline where you spend your ad budget and improve your strategy. AdStage pulls together your paid data (campaigns) and conversion data to map out for you what works into one dashboard!

Exponential sales:

14. Hubspot.

Hubspot is a classic tool but still hugely important as they keep adding amazing features to become your all in one CRM for SaaS companies. Hubspot is a complete CRM tool to help your team seamlessly manage contacts, deals, and tasks to support your sales efforts all in one really easy, clear platform. With Hubspot, your team can manage an exponential amount of potential clients and close deals by managing tasks and automating others. You really have to check out Hubspot for all the features you and your team can take advantage of.

Top tools for SaaS

15. Unbounce.

Unbounce is a simple tool that helps your team put together professional looking and effective landing pages for your campaigns to better convert users to purchase. With plenty of templates and a simple builder platform, anyone on your team can build a highly converting landing page in less time. You can integrate all the tools you already love like Mailchimp and Hubspot to collect contact info your leads and move them through your sales process easily.

16. Octoboard.

Octoboard is a simple way to visualize social and web traffic data into one dashboard your whole team has access to. You can import data from all your social pages, Google analytics account, CRMs, and more to visualize in one dashboard. You can decide what metrics are important and which are not to create a simple glimpse at your KPIs. You can also compare periods to each other to see changes overtime across all your metrics.

17. LeadFuze.

LeadFuze is an awesome lead generation tool to help your team get the contact info of top prospects and get straight to closing deals. You can search for prospects by industry, role, location, companies news, and keyword so you can get straight to your top prospects. You can also upload URLs and company names and get contact info for specific roles to help speed up your sales process. The best part is you get unlimited access to leads!

Top tools for SaaS

Internal communications and teamwork:

18. Calendly.

Calendly is a really simple calendar booking system that can make booking calls easy between members of your team and external contacts. You can create calendar with varying availability for members of your team to be share between team members and your company as a whole that you can send to external contacts. Whoever has a link can see someone’s calendar and book a time available in increments of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and one hour or more. Instantly, a booked event is added to your calendar and confirmation emailed to all involved!

19. Hibox.

Hibox is the ultimate internal communications platform. Hibox gives your team everything you need to collaborate and communicate effectively. Your team can chat in organized streams, share files, video conference, and create and manage tasks together in one platform without needing external integrations like Asana or Skype. You can use the tools your already love to share files like Dropbox and Google Drive within your chat streams. Everything your team writes and shares is searchable so no information goes lost. Everyone just needs one login to get access to a complete digital workspace where you can all collaborate together.

Top tools for SaaS

20. 1Password.

Don’t spend extra hours trying to find the passwords to various accounts your team uses and definitely don’t compromise your security with password sheets. 1Password helps you easily and securely manage access to your team’s accounts and provide varying levels of permission throughout your team with just one password. You don’t have to worry about updating everyone when a password changes. You can scale up and ensure that access to key accounts is easy for those is needs to be and impossible for those who it should never be.

Get organized and ready for an incredible year of exponential growth with these top SaaS tools! Work smarter not harder with increased organization and organization. Try Beamer for an easy way to engage, update, and bring SaaS users back to your product or site this year.